Thursday, January 17, 2013


Another soggy day as g-son and I got our raincoats on and made our way out into the morning.
After getting thoroughly soaked doing the morning feeding chores I dried off and had breakfast. After I ate and got warm I was having trouble holding my eyes open while I read my Bible for my morning devotions. I decided I had better go on into town early just in case they might be right about the timing of the temperature drop and snowfall.
I ran all my regular errands,picked up baking supplies and delivered some papers to sis-in-law's for the loan on the old house.  I ran into a friend I haven't talked to in a while at Aldi and we had a nice catch-up time.
I made it home before lunch with the rain still falling and the temperature still in the mid 40's.
I spent the afternoon cleaning in my office. This is a catch-all room for most of the year and then every January I find things that I forgot I had bought when I start cleaning.
I kept a weary eye on the weather and watched the creek spill over it's banks just as I headed out to pick up g-son from school. By the time we returned the road was filled with water.
One of the neighbor's across the creek worked all evening rescuing his cattle from the flooded pasture on his side of the creek. Fortunately all the cattle in our pasture's are in the upper field and barn.
G-son is hoping for snow as he made this  shadow box today at school.
While we watched the bottoms fill with flood water I got some great pictures of some feathered friends braving the rainy weather around the feeders.
This little Carolina Wren was soaking wet and kept going in and out of one of the birdhouses on the front porch as if marking it as her night time warm resting spot.
A large Brown Thrasher was a surprise guest at the table today as usually they stay on the outer feeders.
This Eastern Towhee doesn't seem to mind the muddy yard.
And of course the yard is always full of Cardinals.

Some of the weather gurus are now saying more snow for us in the southern mountains.
 Below is a photo from the news taken earlier today in Teco,Mississippi where snow is a very rare event.
 A driver on our road sent this pic to the TV station facebook page this afternoon just as the water started across the road.
I sloshed through chores this evening in much cooler feeling air. Pouring out 3 inches of rain from the gauge and it is still raining so we will get 3+ inches for this day.
It is still raining tonight at 8:00 but the temperature is now 37 and dropping a degree about every 15 minutes. I don't think the weather is doing what it has been predicted to do so who knows what we will get overnight. The road is still very flooded now and closed to all traffic.

WEEELLLLL!!!!!   After relaxing for the evening with my 4-legged kids and waiting on the promised winter wonderland I was both sad and happy that it didn't materialize. I love snow,it makes the world like a dreamland with it's beautiful,quiet covering and has such a relaxing effect . On the other hand I don't like slick roads,even though I don't have to travel,both my son's have to get out on the roads no matter what,#1 son is one of the guys who has the job of removing the white stuff from the roads and #2 son is one of those "no matter what" guys who sees to it the mail goes through. So I'm happy neither one will have to be dealing with the problems snow causes in the morning.
As I watched traffic begin to move through the now  quickly receding flood waters on our road I noticed the reflection of the big bright moon on the water remaining in the bottom pasture signaling the official end of the  moisture laden cloud cover.
Breathing a sigh of relief and with the realization my early morning schedule won't be changing I am headed to an early bedtime.
God has a plan for each day and a plan for us as we live out our lives in His graciousness and glory.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

We have over four inches of rain then the mud froze and the snow came. Enough to cancel school.

I am ready for spring.

Betsy Adams said...

NO SNOW for us either, Marilyn... They had predicted that we would have 3-5 inches --but we got nothing (except some Freezing Rain and some sleet).... Crazy!!!!

BUT--as you said, that can be good since we need to go to Tullahoma and visit G's Dad tomorrow... The roads should be fine going that direction. All of the snow is east of us--and some places got ALOT....


linda m said...

Just as long as you all are safe. That is the most important factor. God's blessings.

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