Wednesday, January 30, 2013


We are playing a waiting game this morning with the weather. It is errily warm this morning at already 60 degrees at 10 am and a light rain is falling. I think it rained most of the night and this is before the front with the severe storms even gets here.
I spent the day cleaning floors and changing all the covers for the new month of February.  I didn't get everything finished so I will wait for photos. I want to do some spray painting and today was definitely not a good day for that !!
As the winds blew hard and the rain came sideways there wasn't anywhere outside that any of the animals could escape getting soaked. I'm just glad it is warm out there.
There were problems all around our county with blown down trees and power lines.

Even after lunch today our area was still waiting for the brunt of the storm.
I always get nervous with this weather doing all the strange things that are going on lately. I feel safe here at home but worry about the rest of my family who are all out in the weather. Especially my two sons who are outside in the wind and pelting rain working. One delivering the mail and one doing his best to keep the roads open and safe.
Lucky for me I made my trip to school and picked up g-son before the worst of it hit our area.
We were right in the center of warnings and watches all afternoon.
I got a good soaking doing the evening chores. My poor little Silkies were all soaked to the bone with the door of their house blown shut and no where to get out of the downpour until I came to their rescue.
D-in-love had to drive through this high water as she left her work in Biltmore. She took this pic from her jeep as she headed home around 4:30 this evening.
As we watched the news this was what the streets looked like at 6:00 in the same area.
You can see these buildings behind the railroad cross in her picture.
She stayed over here for a little while until the winds died down before she and g-son headed home.
#1 son has to work overtime tonight as the roads are getting worse as darkness falls and some of them will need to be closed.
This is a busy business center in Hendersonville called the Beverly Hanks Center where folks were trying to get to their needed dialysis appointments.

Our creek is flooded in the bottom pastures but not into the road yet as I write this at 10:00.
I hear the rain still falling outside and if we get more our road will need to be closed also.
I poured almost three inches of rain from the gauge at choretime and it hasn't stopped raining since.
And now listening to the weatherman say by morning the temperature will be 32 degrees with the possibility of snow !
Wonder what tomorrow will bring ?????
Hubbie watched a Duke/Wake Forest b-ball game tonight while I did the weekly paperwork and payed bills.
I got to watch the end of the game which Duke squeaked out a win in.
So grateful tonight to God that we were spared the damage alot of  areas had from this passing storm front.  I rest  in the knowledge that God is ultimately and unquestionably in control !!
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I pray that you and your family are all safe. We had had a lot of rain with flood warnings everywhere. Then the rain turned to snow followed by very cold temps (12 degrees) with high winds. Crazy weather all over the world. God is definitely in control. God bless you and keep you safe.

Gail said...

That sure is lots of water. We have had some rain but the worst of the storm front went around us.

Glad you and family are safe.