Monday, January 7, 2013


Hubbie took g-son to school while I snoozed a little longer on this cold morning.
I did chores and had breakfast then after hubbie went outside to work on splitting some wood,which is a regular winter chore for him, I did a weight lifting video and took a walk. It is a very nice day with bright sunshine.
Flash is deciding if this water is too cold for a dip !! I'm glad he decided it was !!
I haven't walked along the creek in quite a while as I don't like to take the dogs down among the renter's cattle and horses but today all the livestock were in another section of the pasture so we got in a quick walk along the creek and around the pasture. Flash was pooped when we got back to the house and I didn't have to worry about him wondering off anywhere the rest of the day.
I started the deep cleaning and re-decorating in the living room.
This is what I did for a winter mantle.
I have a curly willow tree in the back yard and cut these branches to make a couple winter bouquets.
Then I noticed the pretty magnolia tree out there and made a couple smaller bouquets for the sconces.
I left these feather trees out of the Christmas decorations as I really like them for winter decorations.
I  have a melted snowman in a jar !!!
I even revamped my work space with these small kerosene lamps.

I finished the living room before I picked g-son up from school and started on the kitchen and dining room when we got home.  He kept me busy in there anyway fixing him food as he was very hungry today.
G-son had am extended stay this evening as #1 son came in and got on the tractor to go over and scrape his driveway.
After chores and supper hubbie and I decided Bernie had to have a haircut tonight as his hair is getting so long it is starting to matte even with a daily brushing.
That is always a dreaded job for us and Bernie but it is better we do it than send him to a groomer.
Dolly doesn't mind the groomer but Bernie is another story,he gets so scared he litterly vomits the entire time he is there.
Right now he is wrapped up on the couch shivering from the bath and from the nervousness of the haircut I'm sure.
Getting to bed early tonight as it is going to be another cold one, about 25 degrees, and I have to get up early to meet g-son in the morning.
Thanking God for His blessings today and for the guidance He gives me daily.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I love your winter decorations. They make the house very cheery. I went for a walk today and it was very windy and cold. I have to walk on sidewalks and it can be treacherous sometimes as some people don't shovel. I always thank God when I make it home without falling. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

You are so creative. Love your winter decorations... I finally got all of Christmas put away today ---and cleaned the Great Room. It looks so bare. I need someone like you to help me decorate. I just don't have any talents in this area.

It's still cool here --starting in the 20's in the mornings and getting up to almost 50... BUT--that's warmer than it had been. AND--even though they say that rain is coming, it's supposed to get really warm this weekend. Fun Fun!!!