Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Another very nice warm sunny morning as I head out to take g-son to school today.
Back home with chores and breakfast finished Tuesday laundry and housework day commenced.
I did manage to work in a work out video in my busy morning.
I went to school to pick up g-son an hour early because he is going to have to go with me to my yearly dermatologist appointment to have my skin scanned for more suspicious looking spots.
He went along gladly and was very good in the office while I had my exam. The good natured doctor showed him how to make a boomerang out of tongue depressors.
He only found one spot on my upper left leg that needed freezing off. It will be okay as long as it doesn't come back. I have a huge blister there tonight.
After the appointment of course g-son deserved a surprise for being such a good boy so we went to Fred's department store where he found some more Star Wars figures.
Back at home he had his regular mac and cheese and cookies. We actually made it home at almost the same time as usual as I had arrived early for my appointment,got called back early and left only about 10 minutes after my scheduled appointment time.
His dad picked him up and I did chores in the now cloudy cooler weather outside. The high today was 68 degrees and the air feels like summer instead of winter so we are in for a rough day tomorrow I'm sure when the cold front coming across gets to our area.
We are under a flood watch all day tomorrow because the front is moving so fast the 2-3 inches of rain predicted for our area will fall really fast.
We are also under a high wind advisory with gust up to 60mph .
And then the cooler weather comes back as the front passes.
Got word tonight that our senior pastor has arrived in the mid east safely. I pray that his time over there will help spread the word of Jesus to the lost in that part of the world.
Tonight I am very thankful for all of my church family.
God is good all the time and all the time God is good.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Good news about your doctor visit. Your grandson sounds like a lovely little boy.. We had our warm temps yesterday and now it is 32 degrees and dropping. Had very heavy rain also so under a flood watch. Now the temps are going to get very cold. God bless you and your pastor for the good work he is doing.