Sunday, November 24, 2013


A rude awakening early on this Sunday morning was totally unexpected as a large At&t bucket truck rumbled up in the yard around 8am.
A very nice man explained that he was here to resolve the phone line problems in this area.
He went in search of the problem and we got ready for church.
Today was hubbie and I's quarterly nursery duty day. We were very fortunate this morning to have 4 adults working in there and only 3 two and under babies.
For a change it was a relaxing time.
This is all the Operation Christmas Child boxes our church has collected so far.
I missed the actual number but it looks like a lot !!
We had a big crock pot full of chilli for lunch with some of the left overs from last night. Everyone made it today. We had a housefull of wonderful conversation.
The phone man fixed the phone but said there needs to be a brand new cable put in down on the road before we will be completely fixed. Guess we will see how long his fix works !!!
All three of the girls, actually all 4 girls if you count little Evy  all piled into Rebekah's car for a shopping trip while Aaron and #1 son met up with another friend for some target practice before deer rifle season starts tomorrow morning. G-son stayed with hubbie and #2 son and I went up to look at my ex-sis-in-law's house she is selling. He called her and she said to get her son to take us up there even though it is on the realestate market.
I have been in this house before and had called #2 son last week and told him he should go look at it because it was exactly what he wanted. After looking at it this afternoon he agreed.

He loves all the wood inside.

When we got back home he called her back and they came to an agreement on price and he bought it.
I'm tickled to death because this house is less than 1/2 mile up the road from our place. He also has almost 2 1/2 acres of land with it so he can enjoy his privacy and still be close to everything.
I pray this all works out for all involved. Although this lady is an ex-family member my kids all still think of her as their aunt because she lived next door married to my brother all of their growing up lives. She is a special lady and will always be in all our hearts. She recently got re-married and moved to Tennessee with her new husband.
Everyone got done with the afternoon activities about the same time and daughter took g-son with her so he wouldn't have to go to his mom's music practice. He went with daughter to church later for his Christmas play practice.
After hubbie and I finished chores we made a trip to Tractor Supply to pick up some feed and animal supplies with a 15% off coupon that expired today.
On the way home the thermometer in the van already said 31 degrees. Yes it is this time of year
again !!!
The second winter storm of the season has our area under a "Winter Storm Watch" until 12:00pm Tuesday as our rain with this storm is expected to begin as ice in the morning hours.
This is where "Boreus" will be tomorrow, 13 deaths are already blamed on this storm's icy roads, high winds and heavy rainfall.
This storm will be here Tuesday and I guess it depends on the timing,right now this is the predictions.
G-son might get some extra Thanksgiving day's off from school. Hopefully the high for Tuesday will hold up so I can get all the cake orders to my customers.
It is 22 degrees tonight as I write this at 10:00,brrr.
Thankful tonight for answered prayers concerning son's house hunt.
Good Night and God Bless.


Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Congratulations to #2 son on finding his new home. I hope everything works out with the paperwork and closing.

Stay warm and safe with this weather, it's hit us and we had all kinds of ice, wind, and cold temperatures.

linda m said...

i am so happy #2 son finally found a house he likes. From the pictures it looks beautiful. We are having a winter storm here in WI right now. It is snowing , very windy and cold - 23 degrees. Stay safe and warm. Blessings