Monday, November 4, 2013


UHHHH!!!!  Rudely awaken this morning by the sound of big trucks in the driveway. Hubbie had taken g-son to school so I got up to see what was going on. I saw Asplund tree cutting trucks turning around in my drive and heading back down the hill.
Hubbie said he had trouble getting out with g-son on time because they had the driveway completely blocked. Who does that !!!
They are cutting the right-of-way out for the new bridge and road. The head man that talked to us when we signed the right of way over for this project had assured us that none of the equipment would be on anyone's private land.
It looks like they think our private driveway is a public road with the cones set out !!
They also parked some large bucket trucks on #1 son's septic drain field which had him very concerned. He made some phone calls to the head folks at Asplund and I explained to them where the drain field was so by the end of the day they moved all the equipment to the neighbor's field around 4:00 when they stopped work. Then about 6:00 they came and got all the equipment from that field. They were on private property there also so maybe they called in on them also.Funny thing is they have plenty of state-owned right-of-way property to park on and we can't figure out why they aren't using it for parking.
We are not hard to get along with folks, if they had asked us if they could park some equipment in certain places we would have certainly had no problem, but they did not ask.
Our road is not going to be a road to travel while all this work is going on !!

 Hubbie and I went out the back way to Sam's Club this morning and then worked outside finishing my new hen lot in the afternoon. We moved some of the older hens in there tonight. I will take pics tomorrow as it was too late tonight by the time we finished.
I picked up g-son and he helped with the finishing touches on the house. He was sad he didn't get to play in the house anymore.
We left one pullet and the rooster in the old lot to be joined by 5 other pullets as soon as I get the house cleaned out which should be tomorrow.
It was after dark when we got inside with everything done tonight. Probably will be the trend for a while until we get used to the time change.
I worked on cleaning the new lot out today and tossing brush over the 5 foot high fence so I aggravated my sore arm and all the rest of my muscles I'm sure. Each time I sit still for a few minutes it is torture to get going again. I am surely going to feel like this lady in the morning.
Today they rolled the 40 foot Christmas tree into the Biltmore house. It just seems too early for this to me and I do wonder how in the world they keep this tree hydrated and looking good until after Christmas ???
Today I am thankful for country living and the freedom to enjoy my chickens and other animals as I please on our little farm up on the hill. And the ability and health to work like hubbie and I did today.
God Is good all the time !
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Yes, everyone seems to be promoting Christmas earlier each year. I love Thanksgiving and absolutely refuse to celebrate Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

Crazy about them using your driveway as a 'parking area'... Glad you got it straightened out... Seems like they would have checked it all out before starting the project... Mercy!!!!

Have a great day tomorrow.

linda m said...

Why is it that people are rushing Christmas. It comes in December not in November or even October. Glad you things straightened out with the work crew. Seems some people just don't have any respect for other people's property. Blessings