Friday, November 1, 2013


Rain greeted us this morning on the way to school. As I drove home the clouds were hanging low over the mountain tops on this dreary fall morning.
I did chores in a steady rain and was glad to get inside and warmed up.
I spent the morning doing some house cleaning and baking cakes. I baked 12 caramel, 3 wine cakes, 2 pound cakes, including my special black walnut for this time of year, and 1 chocolate layer cake.
After lunch with the sunshine finally making an appearance and the temperature pushing 70 again I couldn't stay cooped up inside any longer so I took a nice long walk. The warm sunshine felt so good and I know there won't be many more days like today to enjoy this feeling.
I picked up g-son today since his other g-ma is sick. He was in a good mood today as he had a prize from the box for getting all his math problems correct.
Snapped these pics from the same place as this morning for a much nicer view this afternoon of the colorful mountains.

After he ate we tackled the task of removing all the Halloween decorations he had helped me put up last week.
I even changed out the placemats on the tables.

Halloween is officially over at our house except for a couple bags of left-over candy that definitely needs to go somewhere else!!!!
#1 son went deer hunting this evening so g-son got to help his pawpaw feed the cow and then I saw him driving pawpaw around in the golf cart. He is getting very good at driving that and now thinks he can drive a car. He told me the other day on the way home from school that I didn't have to worry if I couldn't drive one day as he would drive us home !!! I asked him how he figured could reach the gas and brake petal and see where he was going at the same time? He calmly told me he would use "cruise control" , how does he come up with these things ????
It made me sad to look at him and think that really it won't be that long until he is driving, he is growing up way too fast !!
When his mom got home he walked down and tried to surprise her.
I took another walk around the lower pasture as the weather is just so nice this evening. These Mallard ducks were making the best of the sunshine. I love these pics, the light must have been just right for these to appear more like paintings instead of pictures.

As the sun sank in the sky it provided a canvas that was perfect for showing off some of God's finest handiwork on this first day of November.

These Rosehips brighten up the landscape.
As I walked along the creek I noticed across the creek that all that is left of the neighbor's renters, Driscal Berries, were piles of metal from all the hoop houses they grew the berries under.
They have decided that these mountains aren't profitable for their berry production and moved east.
I iced cakes and got ready for market, getting finished earlier than usual.
It felt nice to snuggled in bed with my 4-legged kids as the temperature goes down into the low 40's tonight.
Thankful today for the unbelievable beauty God created just for our eyes.
Thanking God for a wonderful blessed day and the health to be able to get out and enjoy it.
Good Night and God Bless.

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