Monday, November 18, 2013


G-son arrived before 7 this morning to get this day started for hubbie and me. As hubbie took him to school I did the chores and had breakfast before little Evy gets here. Her mom worked last night and she is going to have to start getting some sleep in the morning when she gets home so she won't get sick.  When she brought Evy in she put her straight back to bed for her morning nap. After giving me her schedule she went home for some much needed rest.
While Evy napped I left hubbie with her and took my broken glasses to the place I bought them. They ordered another nose bridge for about $50 so that wasn't so bad. They had a one year warranty and it expired this past July. The only concern is getting the new bridge in the exact location as the old one. It will take a couple days to get them fixed, lucky I have my old glasses !
When I got home Evy was still sleeping so I caught up some paperwork. About 11:30 she finally woke up !  That was an extra long morning nap but I don't think she slept well last night so she was probably catching up.
She was in a wonderful mood when she woke, so after she had her bottle we went outside on this beautiful sunny 65 degree day. She loves to walk around and look at the cows and chickens. I hate to wish her life away but I will be glad when she can actually "walk" around herself.
We came back inside and she played while hubbie and I had lunch, then I fed her lunch pumpkin/bananas, which she loved. It is so good that she eats as well as she does.
She played for  a little while and then got sleepy again so I put her back to bed.
While she slept this time I tackled a picture project of putting some photos in albums.
Hubbie's brother came at 2:00 to pick him up for the funeral of their aunt. All that activity woke little Evy but she again woke up smiling.
When her mom came after her she was all smiles and giggles.
They left in time for me to go pick up g-son. He was disappointed that Evy wasn't still here when he got here.
After getting him settled with something to eat I went back to work on the pictures. Once I get this started and get them all spread out I hate not to get it finished.
After #1 son came after g-son I did chores,then finally got all the prints I have in the album,whew !!!
Hubbie said the funeral today was nice and he got to chat with another aunt that lives in Florida.
 This fits Christine perfectly !!

As I came inside tonight I poured 1/2" of rain from the gauge from yesterday's rain.
The temps are suppose to get near freezing tonight and only in the mid 50's tomorrow behind the cold front that is blowing through tonight.
Yesterday the midwest got hit by a tornado outbreak that left six folks dead and many homes totally destroyed.
This aerial photo shows the path of one of the strongest with estimated winds of over 190 MPH.

To add to the strange mid November weather, there is the 13th named storm out in the Atlantic ocean right now.  Melissa is no threat to land but is causing some rough surf along the the islands and east coast.
Okay !! Mother Nature you know Thanksgiving is next week !!!   Time for all these big winds to subside until next spring !

My heart is full tonight after being surrounded with my favorite two little people all day today. I think that being a grandmother is what I have always been cut out to do, I just love it !!
Thankful tonight for the unconditional love that children give and the innocence that they view the world with. Wish I could be more like them !!
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

You are so blessed to have your grandchildren near by. There is nothing better than grandchildren and their unconditional love. The "Afterglow" poem is so beautiful. I too am hoping those nasty winds are over with until spring. Blessings