Thursday, November 7, 2013


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to an inanimate object when they had a wiring short if they could feel ??  Well I am certain the way I feel this morning would be something like a shorted out wire. I have went through my regular routine with getting g-son to school and getting ready for market with the strangest feelings from time to time. Funny thing nothing last long enough to actually figure out what is going on.
Driving to market I got pretty dizzy feeling  and took out a protein bar and had breakfast on the way and that seemed to help. But all morning I still have had twinges and creepy feelings all around, not sure what is going on but at least it doesn't feel too serious.
Market was verrrrrryyyy  slow today as I expected it would be on a windy, rainy and cool morning.
I brought to market 3 bunches of the money plant I have hanging in my sewing shop and I took the husk of 2 of them and put them out for sale.
After market I ran the regular errands and made one extra stop at Big Lots to check out their 75% off Halloween and 50% of fall tables. I got some great bargains.
I made it home just as hubbie was getting here from work so we unloaded the van and then we had to head straight out to do the evening chores. It is challenging with the time change  to get home earlier enough to get the chores done before darkness falls.
Today is a special day around here and all around the world for that matter as the Reverend Billy Graham turns 95 years old.

I wonder what else God has for him to do as he nears the century mark. He is in failing health but his mind is very sharp and he will give a public address tomorrow. This is a picture of him tonight at his birthday celebration at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville.
If there ever is additions wrote to the Bible I'm sure he will be in there as one of God's chosen messengers.  I'm glad he lives in our area and glad that his message has been such a strong unrelenting spreading of the love of Jesus Christ. Even at his age he is getting ready to launch the largest and probably last crusade called "THE CROSS". We viewed this 30 minute video as our Sunday morning service a couple weeks ago and it is a very touching message.

Thanking God tonight for the Reverend Graham and the many people he has brought the word and love of Our Heavenly Father to.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Rev. Billy Graham is a very remarkable person. Have a great weekend and God Bless.