Friday, November 29, 2013


After my bath when I went into the bedroom last night to get in bed, I found my spot occupied.
G-son and hubbie were all spread out and comfortable. G-son was sleeping so peacefully on my pillow I didn't have the heart to wake him to move over.
I got a pillow and blanket and headed for the couch with my 4-legged kids to snuggle with to keep me warm. To my surprise the couch was very comfortable and I was so tired the lights reflecting in the big bay window didn't bother me at all.
When I woke up this morning to g-son asking if I wanted some breakfast with him I actually felt better in my back and hips than I do when I sleep in our bed.  I told hubbie we have got to get us a new mattress !!
I had a lot of cakes to bake today so I got started early. I baked 18 caramel,4 chocolate, 1 pound and a blackberry wine cake. Tomorrow is our "Old Timey Christmas" celebration at market and we always have a good sales day.
I ate a late lunch after I finished baking. #1 son came by and helped clean up the left overs.
Hubbie and I have been talking about getting us a new TV for about 6 months now. The one we have is almost 15 years old and the old heavy style.
Sam's has a pretty good "black Friday" deal on a 50" smart TV so we headed out there to see if they had any left. It wasn't a good enough deal to fight an early morning crowd over !!
G-son is glad they had some left as he is the one who watches the most TV around here.
He always wants money to put in the Salvation Army kettle to "help the poor kids get Christmas presents".
This bell ringer's hands were so cold she dropped her bell !!
When we got home we put the TV in our bedroom until one of the kids can get it hooked up or us.
We have to get a new HD box from Direct TV for this TV.
G-son helped hubbie outside all afternoon while I worked on some small cleaning jobs I've been putting off.
After chores #1 son picked up g-son to his disappointment, he wanted to stay another night so he could go to market to ride on the free horse and buggy rides tomorrow. 
 I spent the evening icing cakes and then hubbie and I boxed the orders and got the racks packed ready to load in the van. We can't put them in tonight because of the 26 degree temperature overnight.
I realized just now that this month is almost over and I have one more photo series to post this month. The unknown's for this month follow. If you recognize anyone in these pics please let me know.
Girls from a graduating class from Edneyville High School sometime in the mid 40's .
 The man sitting in this pic is my uncle Anderson Holmes,who the rest of these men are I would like to know.

I am thankful tonight for a wonderful night and day spent with grandson who is one special little boy to us, I am so thankful to live so close to be able to be a big part of his life as he grows up.
Good Night and God Bless.

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