Friday, November 8, 2013


They're back !!!!  When I came home from taking g-son to school this morning I saw the utility construction signs being put up along our road and by the time I finished chores they were working.

This is the power company and they seem really nice so far and are putting up new poles on our side of the road. It is a cold windy morning to be up in that bucket !!

It was 31 degrees this morning and windy so I'm sure the chill factor was on down there.
After breakfast and devotions I walked around the drive up on the hill.
I spent the rest of the morning baking cakes. I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, 1 coconut, and 2 pound cakes as orders came in.
I had cakes in the ovens until almost 1:30. #2 son called and sent me on a search for some papers he needs. The house he wants to look at that is for sale by owner has a requirement of a loan approval paper before the owner will even let you come look at it !!??
I went through my pictures looking for November decade pics while waiting for little Evy to wake up from her afternoon nap so her mom and I could work on some bittersweet wreaths.
We have a patch of this vine growing on #1 son's property. Rebekah did all the climbing around in the bushes to cut the vines down while I mostly played with Evy and pulled the vines when she needed to see what else to cut to cut them free.
These wreaths are priced pretty high when you see them for sale and we found we can respect those prices after we spent three hours gathering and making three wreaths.
We aren't finished as darkness caught up with us before we got the finishing touches on them or got them sprayed so the berries won't shed anymore.
They did turn out pretty though.

I iced my cakes tonight while listening to the UNC Tarheels first basketball game of the season, they won easily 84 to 61.
In decade pics I found a couple from 1953 dated November for the oldest ones for this month.
This is my dad with his dog Jack. Jack was a German Shepherd/Collie mix and he was super smart.
This is my aunt Mary, mom's youngest sister with Jack
These are some of the first colored photos that are in the old albums.
I remember my dad talking about this dog for years after he was killed by a pack of wild dogs that he tried to fight away from our place.
Thanking God tonight for the wonderful memories of a hard working, honest father who shaped my life.
Good Night and God Bless.

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