Wednesday, November 13, 2013


22 degrees this morning but thankfully the wind has died down some so it doesn't feel as cold as it did last night.
After dropping g-son at school I had breakfast before doing the chores to let the temperature rise a little at least so the waterers won't freeze before the animals can get a drink.
Snowball the cow was standing over a solidly frozen cattle water tank so I broke the ice off her's first.
I sat all the chicken waterers in the sunshine in hopes that would keep them from re-freezing. I always empty them when the temperature overnight is going to be below freezing.
I did take a walk since the sun is shining and the wind has stopped making the 34 degree temps around 10:30 barable.
I baked 6 caramel,3 chocolate and 2 pound cakes this morning. I think tomorrow will be a "no show" day for market customers  with 22 degrees predicted again for in the morning.
After lunch I rested my right arm with a heating pad for a little while then did some house cleaning.
After I picked up g-son I did paperwork, payed bills and iced cakes for the remainder of the evening.
Today was not a good day to be on the interstate highways around this area. Three loaded big rigs turned over in three different areas.
This one was loaded with canned kidney beans that created a dangerous situation when they fell onto the highway below.
Sadly a cattle hauler turned over at the top of the Saluda Grade with 77 cows inside. Six cows were killed in the wreck and eight more had to be put down from severe injuries.
This is one of the lucky ones peeping out of a hole in the trailer.

The driver of this truck hauling hay choked on a drink of coffee and lost control spilling his load of hay on the highway.
The drivers of all three trucks are being charged with the accidents. Thankfully no other vehicles were involved in any of the wrecks.
The weather is going to moderate for a few days after tonight to give things a chance to thaw out before we go back in the freezing temps next week.

Thankful tonight to my Lord for the opportunity He has given me to be able to stay home and help with the kids around here and enjoy watching them grow up.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

That is a lot of big-rig accidents for one day. Sure hope no one was hurt. Looks like you had a busy day. glad you will "thaw" out . we are expecting a little warmer temps also. Blessings

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

This cold weather goes right through to the bones, brrrrr........

We have our crazy drivers here too. It's a shame several of the cows ended up dying or had to be put down. I just wish drivers were more cautious when driving.

Have a great day and work to hard!

And stay warm :-)

Betsy Adams said...

Sad about those wrecks... Too bad especially for the cows... 77 cows seems like too many in one truck--but maybe they do that all of the time.

Got down to about 21 here night before last --but it wasn't that cold last night. Supposed to warm up gradually this weekend.

Have a great weekend and be careful out there.