Tuesday, November 5, 2013


On the way home from dropping g-son at school I noticed this beautiful "fall" sky.
Thankfully I got home before any of the tree trimming road closure began. #1 son taped off his septic field and I made a sign asking to keep the driveway open and not to park on the grass so hopefully we won't have the same mess today as yesterday. Just to feel safer about letting the dogs out of their pens I closed the gate on the driveway between our place and #1 sons.
It was amazing how secure this made me feel. Me thinks I might like the "hermit life"  !!!!
I turned the hens out into their new lot this morning and they immediately began a scratching frenzy in the freshly fallen leaves.
They like their new much more roomy house I'm sure.
This project turned out to be very inexpensive using old used materials mostly that hubbie had saved from the dump.
After chores on this nice sunny day I started laundry and housework. There won't be too many more days in the weather future that I will be able to hang my sheets out to get that wonderful fresh smell.
Today was an early dismissal day for the county schools so I picked up g-son at noon. Last year they got out at 1:00 but this year changed to noon with no lunch, guess the cost of preparing lunch outweighs the money they get for it.
He was in a good mood as his class had a shoe-tying test today and he passed and got a prize from the prize-box.
After lunch he watched some TV while I finished the laundry and housework then we got out the "Operation Christmas Child" stuff .
We filled 5 boxes and had a few things left over to warrant another trip to the store much to g-son's pleasure !!!
We didn't go to the store today as the road is still a mess and he really wanted to go outside for awhile in the warm afternoon.
They sawed all the trees down in front of the neighbor's house and one tree down in the corner of our pasture. It was sad to see it go as it has been there since we have been farming.
I sat out on the front porch for awhile this evening and enjoyed God's creations.
I call this tree "nature's cradle".
And this sunset was brilliant this evening. The picture didn't really catch the wonderful red colors.

 Grateful today for God's love and care of all the little children in the poor countries who need a helping hand and the hint of Christ's love through what we are able to give them.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Love all your pictures. Hopefully no one parks where they shouldn't. Operation Christmas Child is a big project around here also. May God bless you.

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,
Why are they clearing all the tree's in your neighbors yard?

Glad to hear you put your foot down on having these trucks and equipment up on your property blocking your drive way.

It looks like it was a pretty day where you're at. It's cold and windy here today.