Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Surprise,surprise !!!!!
A pre-Thanksgiving  snow storm creating blizzard conditions greeted me as g-son arrived this morning. D-in-love had to work today so she waited an hour late to head to Asheville in hopes that the storm would pass, but it didn't. #1 son who worked another overnight shift with the DOT last night was sleeping in case he had to go back to work tonight.
These guys have never seen snow before !!!
With the high winds nothing outside even under shelter escaped a coating of the white stuff this morning.
I can remember a snow fall before Thanksgiving when I was in high school because my cousin and I got stuck after basketball practice and had to wait for her dad to finish milking his dairy cows before he could bring his 4-wheel drive truck and pick us up. My parents were supposed to get us but they had nothing to drive in the snow.
The road looked pretty treacherous as the snow flew and the temperature dropped from 30 around 8am to 28 by the time I got g-son settled with breakfast and headed outside to do the chores.
I caught this blast of snow blowing from the barn roof.
And this "snow tornado" out in the pasture.
The cattle looked unimpressed when Annie and Flash wanted to play !!
I re-filled all the bird feeders for the hungry cold little feathered friends.
As I put out bird seed a truck drove up in the yard and a young man in camo jumped out. He came up in the yard asking if I knew I had some very rare ducks down on the pond. He said there were three Gadwell Ducks down there that were very rare and worth a lot of money as pets sold in pet shops. I said those are wild ducks, they are not pets or meant to be pets. As I grew more skeptical of him Annie circled his legs.  He said would you like for me to hunt them for you ???  I'm sure by the puzzled look on my face he re-phrased what he had said ( since these ducks were pretty much just "sitting ducks" as they swam around in the flooded areas of our pasture).

He said would you like me to shoot them for you ??
I said absolutely not, we do not allow any hunting on our property. He turned and started to jog back to his truck but stopped short as Annie had his ankle in her mouth.  Lucky for him he did have boots on,probably with holes in them now, hehe.  I told Annie to let him go and told him not to run but walk slowly. He did and then slowly backed all the way down the drive, I'm counting on him not coming back !!  I came inside and looked up Gadwell ducks to see just how bad he was pulling my leg. To my surprise these ducks look a lot like female mallards. So who knows maybe there are some down there but it is not that rare for them to be in this area.
Hubbie got sent home from work at 10am because they called all the vehicles back in off the roads.When he went out to bring more wood down g-son who had been chomping at the bit all morning to get out in the first snow of year, happily went along to help. Loving his "goldfish" hat !!

It didn't take long for him to get his fill of the wind and snow today.
He was satisfied to play inside for the rest of the morning while I did laundry and housework.
After lunch the snow stopped and the sun came out but didn't warm it up much at all. There is lots of water down in the lower pasture from the near flooding last night.
I had a cake delivery to make so hubbie and g-son rode along and we made stops at Aldi, Tractor Supply and Home Depot. I also got my glasses worked on as they were crooked after the new nose piece was added.
The snow started to fly again while we were out. This is at Tractor Supply while I waited in the van for hubbie and g-son to pick up a couple things.
The sun was shining but the snow was coming down again in the whipping winds.
G-son cannot wait for Christmas to get here !!!
No we didn't buy the Elmo stocking, he just like to listen to it sing Christmas songs. Then he sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" the rest of the afternoon.
Unfortunately some folks weren't enjoying the day like we were thankfully able to do as they were without power on this cold day. The winds brought down many trees onto power lines and even some houses. Fortunately no one was hurt in all this.
Hopefully we have seen the last of winter storm "Boreus" as tonight the wind has died down some and the snow has stopped falling. But a cold night is coming as the temperature at 11:00 is 24.
It was a strange Wednesday evening for me, not to be baking and icing cakes for market day tomorrow. I took advantage of it and spent a lot of time snuggling with my 4-legged kids. Daughter picked up g-son to go meet d-in-love and see a movie.
Thankful tonight for a warm home and for God's grace in this storm as well as "life's storm".
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Brrrrr---we are not at home but I don't think our area had much snow at all. They did get the cold weather though.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

We are in FL with George's son and family enjoying Thanksgiving. They are cooking a FEAST for us… YUM.


linda m said...

Brrrrr! Sounds like you had quite a blast of the storm. Your inquirer sounds a little suspicious to me. Grateful that God is protecting you in the "storm of life" Happy thanksgiving to you and your family..