Thursday, November 21, 2013


Another late market morning,uhhh !!!
Thankfully there was no one there waiting or for that matter to even notice what time I arrived.
I had a couple very nice orders so I had a good day  even though the nasty rainy cool weather kept most of the customer away.
I have a new neighbor across the aisle,her name is Cathy and she takes as many bird photos as I do. She turns hers into cards, mats them and frames some for sale. She does a great job. Hoping she does a successful business.
I got a nice surprise at market today as a friend brought me a box of kumquats fresh from Florida. I have never eaten these and she brought some recipes for them but I like to just eat them. I like sour things and these aren't as sour as the lemons I eat. I will spread them out and hopefully they will ripen slowly so I can enjoy them for awhile.
Thanks Susan !!!

After market I ran errands and picked up baking supplies and groceries for some of my Thanksgiving cooking. 
Daughter has negotiated a large bakery deal with a local business for cakes for Christmas so I need to start collecting supplies for that now.
At home around 5:00 hubbie was waiting to help unload and get things put away before we did chores. We made it inside just after dark.
It has rained all day but I forgot to check out the gauge this evening.
G-son came to stay with us while d-in-love attended a meeting at church and son worked.
He is already so excited for Christmas he wanted to start decorating tonight. I like Thanksgiving and told him we could start the day after that.
The weather is going to feel like Thanksgiving with a cold front that is coming through this weekend.
I am tired tonight and hoping for a good night's sleep. Last night I couldn't get to sleep because hubbie was snoring loudly. I almost went to the couch. He doesn't usually snore that loudly but we think the drier air our wood stove creates makes us both snore when normally we don't.
He put a breathing strip across his nose tonight to see if that would quieten him down a bit.
Thankful tonight for generous friends and loving family.
Good Night and God bless.

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linda m said...

i have never tasted a kumquat so you will have to let us know how yours are. I remember my son always starting to get very excited about Christmas at this time of year. Like you I put up my christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. May God Bless you.