Sunday, November 17, 2013


Before church this morning I cut up carrots for a glazed carrot recipe I am trying for lunch.
Church was good today. We have so much "new" life in our church as I look around it's so great to see all the little ones.
This is little Evy ( the only little girl), and one of the little boys that were born in the series of about 6 babies last spring and summer. I think she will be able to take care of herself among all those boys !!!
We had roast beef, baked potatoes,corn,glazed carrots and Rebekah brought a delicious broccoli salad that got all gone in a hurry. The glazed carrots were very good also and had no left overs.
I love the laughter and conversation that fills the house on these Sunday afternoons. Makes me so happy that everyone enjoys each other so much.
#2 son was playing golf early today to hopefully get ahead of the rain that  started just after lunch.
After everyone left hubbie and I went to meet up with him to look at a house for sale up the road from us.  He made an offer on it but there is quite a bit of work that needs to done to the house.
He talked to the owner who lives in Florida and said he didn't think his offer was good enough but that he wouldn't be willing to go any higher because of the amount of work that will need to be done to the house. It is in a beautiful location but has been sitting and neglected for quite  awhile.
We put it in God's hands, if it is meant for him to get it or if there is something better that God has for him,now we wait. This is the house. Some of the windows had been left open upstairs letting rain blow in and soak into the downstairs ceiling causing a large sag.
It rained all afternoon ,pretty hard at times. I didn't look at the rain gauge as it was getting dark quickly when we got home from looking at the house so I will have a total tomorrow because it is supposed to rain all night anyway.
#2 son and hubbie watched the finish of the last Nascar race of the season when we got home .
Son took a plate of left-overs home with him when he left.
Still praying tonight for the family of Aunt Christine who died yesterday. This is the obit that was in today's paper.
She was a special lady and will be greatly missed.

Thankful today for wonderful Sunday worship services and for the freedom to worship as I please without fear.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

WIND like crazy here today!!! We also had some rain but not too much. Nothing severe!! However, the 2nd front is not here yet (the cold front) ---so we could still get some severe weather. The temps drop all day tomorrow... Fun!!!!

Love the 'possible' house for your son. Hope it works out for him at a cost he can afford including fixing it up.

Cute photo of Little Evie. That little family is now part of your family too. NEAT!!!

linda m said...

We had severe wind here with occasional heavy rain but thankfully no tornadoes. Your Sunday dinner sounds delicious. The house that #2 son is looking at looks great but "needing" work can sometimes be very expensive. Leaving it up to God is best. God's blessings to you.