Saturday, November 2, 2013


Off to market this morning on another beautiful fall morning.
A slow day with sparse customers set off alot of moans and groans from fellow sellers today.
I had a couple orders so I had an okay day.
After market I picked up a few baking supplies for next week as I expect it to be slower than this one.
I also stopped by my friend Louise's house to pick up my Avon order.
I discovered from a lady that called market for a cake order and from Louise that my home phone isn't working again, grrrrrrr. I am so tired of calling AT&T it is pitiful. Every time we get any rain or wind out goes my phone. This time along with the static buzz incoming calls don't ring through. The caller just hears the phone keep ringing as if no ones home and no answering machine comes on but we can call out on it.
It has gotten really cool quickly this evening so after we got things unloaded hubbie and I took a break to watch the news. We both almost went to sleep so we got up and did chores. I put up the plastic window covers on the chicken houses tonight to help keep them warm on this windy cool night.
Hubbie has the smoker full of meat. We took the chicken breast out at supper time and ate 2 of them,yum yum they were sure good.  We wrapped the 2 Boston butts in foil and turned the smoker up to cook for the next several hours.
I had a nice relaxing evening listening to the winds outside and watched the temperature drop.
The next week's weather is a mixed bag with night temperatures remaining cool.
November's outlook looks warm for us maybe.
Thanking God for His continuous love for each of us and for the opportunity to meet with my brothers and sisters in Christ and worship Him tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

We have that trouble too with our phone. I reported it on line to the company and they fixed it somewhere. We have underground cable and I think things go wrong at boxes or poles.

linda m said...

What a bummer about your phone going out again. Hope they get it up and working real soon. Blessings