Monday, November 11, 2013


 I want to express a huge THANK  YOU  to all the veterans who have and are now serving in the armed forces to preserve our freedom.
This is a service at the cemetery where my father-in-law is buried,he served in the Navy in WWll.

Today has been a busy day. There was no school today so g-son spent the night with his aunt T and is spending the day with her. After chores and breakfast hubbie went to the feed store while I started on my sunroom window cleaning project. Each fall I take all the screens off the 10 large 6' X 3' windows and vacuum and wash them so that on all the cold snowy winter days I can sit and watch my birds more clearly. It is always amazing how dirty these windows get in a years time.  But it is funny that you don't even notice how dirty they are until you wash a couple of them and compare them to the rest.
Hubbie got back just before lunch and I was finishing the insides of all the windows. We had lunch and then he helped with the outside screens and higher windows that required a ladder climb.
My right arm muscle is sore so I am slower trying to use my left arm for things that normally I would do with my right.
We finished the job around 2:30. While I cleaned both the French door sets and vacuumed around the inside walls while I had everything moved away from the walls Hubbie got out the leaf sweeper and attached it to the mower. He is riding around the yard sweeping up leaves and they are continuing to fall from the trees right behind him,haha !
Rebekah brought little Evy over to put another coat of spray on our wreaths. Evy couldn't take her eyes off hubbie on the mower. She is definitely going to be a little farm girl as she loves tractors and machines.  They went home to work on making some more apple butter.
I got all the outside walls vacuumed before daughter brought g-son by on her way to her basketball practice. After I got him some food fixed it was chore time and the temperature was dropping quickly. After a sunny day in the mid 50's it is now 39 at 9:45.
I need to do more work out in the sunroom before I call that job finished so hopefully tomorrow I can finish.
As I washed windows today I thought back 30 years and remembered how excited I was to moving into our new home. With two small sons it had been challenging to get things ready for the move but in November of 1983 we made the move. These are some pics of the house then.
 Hubbie holding both sleeping boys !!
Custom made pine cabinets by James Bracket, a local cabinet maker.
 I am amazed when I look at these pics and see some things that are still with us after 30 years.
Our house before any outside paint. I wanted a natural clear stain but hubbie wanted gray.
 So we compromised with a sheer gray stain.
 It looked good.
Hard to believe it has stood through 30 years.  After borrowing $10,000 to hire it dried in hubbie and I did all the inside and siding work ourselves. Those were some very busy years but it made this house more special. Here is three pics in the same locations as the ones above that I took today.
My oh my how time has flown !!!!
Thankful tonight for our many brave Veterans as they have fought and continue to fight for our freedom and also for precious memories.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

God Bless your father-in-law for his service for this country.

I love the pictures of your home inside and out. I can see you both put a lot of hard work into it.