Friday, November 15, 2013


A little warmer this morning with a 28 degree temp when I got up before 7:00 to greet g-son.
After dropping him at school I came home to chores and breakfast. I always work the crossword puzzle in the paper each morning for brain exercise. Today's puzzle was a hard one and took longer than usual. I finally took a refreshing walk outside. The dulldrons of winter have set in, especially noticeable on a cloudy dreary day like today.
As I walked a misty rain started to fall and continued for the remainder of the day.
I baked 6 caramel cakes before lunch.
After lunch I gave the entire house a good cleaning that it hasn't had in the last few weeks. Funny how much better things look in a clean house !!
I was slower than usual still trying to protect my right arm from overwork as my muscle soreness gets better with each day.
I had to make a cake delivery at 3:40 which I was late getting to because of a fender bender accident that backed up traffic on my way there. I finally made it and the man who was waiting understood as he had seen the backed up roads.
On my way home I stopped by a garage sale on the road I live on and scored these 8 really nice placemats for only $5 .
Wish there was 2 more then I would have enough of the same to do both my tables.
They have been used but have no stains or damage.

In my decade pics for November, 1993, I found this one at my brother's house of my niece Susan's (in purple) birthday. Daughter is bending over and #2 son is holding another niece, Hannah as they watch Susan open presents.
Tonight I iced caramel cakes then watched a UNC/ Holly Cross basketball game which UNC won but didn't look very confident. It may be a long year,only time will tell.
As I reached up to take my glasses off tonight to get on the computer they came off my face in two pieces.
The nose wire just broke with no reason. I have not been happy with these glasses since I got them and never should have taken them with the promise that I would get used to them. They are constantly sliding down my nose and I have to take them into the eye glasses office very often to get them tightened up. I guess all that constant tightening is what stressed this nose wire.
I am really wondering what they will offer to do with them on Monday when I take them in? Maybe they can fix the wire I hope so because I can't afford another pair of these glasses. I love the lens just not the frames. If they can't fix them I don't think I will buy any more glasses from them. I've only had these a little over a year.
Lucky for me I still have my old glasses and the prescription is close so I have some glasses to wear for the weekend.
Tonight I am thankful for the dry leaf dampening  1/4" of rain that fell this evening, God knows what we need when we need it.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I know how you feel. I have a pair of glasses that are always slipping down my nose. I am constantly pushing them up. I went to a different place and their merchandise is inferior to the other place, but it's where my insurance told me to go. Keeping the old pair for emergencies is also what I do. At least then I'm able to function. Blessings