Sunday, November 3, 2013


Church this morning was a very special time. During the invitation a young couple joined our fellowship as they dedicated their lives to the Lord and are going to be Baptized soon. This young man,father and husband is the son of hubbie's first cousin who died back in May of 2012. You can find her story in my blog post of that month. This is a picture of the young cousins with their grandmother. Hubbie is on the left of granny and Connie is on her right (with the puppy).
This is the young couple on their wedding day just three short weeks before Connie passed away.
They have been through a very rocky year and half of marriage. But through the guidance of our associate pastor and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ they have rededicated their marriage and their lives to be Christ based. I am so proud of both of them for swallowing their pride and making this happen. They have a small daughter together and a young son the same age as g-son who was her's before they met. These young children don't know how lucky they are to have these two for parents,willing to raise them in a Christ based home. I felt in my heart this morning as this was going on that Connie was surely smiling down on these two today and as my heart was bursting with pride,I'm sure her's was exploding with Heavenly fireworks.
I am also very proud of my D-in-love as all this amazing turn of events began with an invitation from her to this young lady to bring her son to our Bible School this past July.  She had no prior knowledge that anything was wrong in this marriage but just thought her son would enjoy Bible School.
That just goes to show how a simple invite could change the life of the receiver when God finds that small crack and slips though into an unsuspecting heart.
At lunch today we had some of hubbie's smoked Boston butt along with sweet potato casserole, corn , slaw, California vegetables, fresh Kale greens from our garden with Waldorf salad for dessert.
This is our November garden photo with the wide row of fresh Kale and the narrow row of Collard greens.
We are a little behind getting our garden cleaned off this year as we have been busy with other projects.
 Our lunch bunch was #1 son,d-in-love,g-son,daughter, her b-friend, his little boy Dawson and Rebekah and little Evy.  #2 son is golfing again today and Aaron is in the soybean field.
All the girls had went to the estate sale before lunch and D-in-love and Rebekah found both found a couple things they couldn't live without.
I didn't go because I always try to start cutting out my spending this time of year because my business really slows down and I don't want to be taking money from our savings account to spend at estate sales unless it is something I really need.
After everyone left today except #1 son who was working on painting a new door for their house and g-son who was helping hubbie and I tie up some loose ends around the new hen house. All we have left to do is the lot so hopefully we can get that done tomorrow and get them moved tomorrow night.
#2 son came by to check out realestate on the computer and get his supper of left overs.
G-son left to go to choir practice where they are practicing their Christmas play.
When the dogs started scratching on the door this evening it took me a while to figure out what they were wanting, then I realized their tummy's was telling them it was feeding time although my clocks still said 4:30 !!!
At least we are in the house now in time to watch the 6:00 news because it is already dark !!
I agree with the old Indian on this one !!!
Thankful tonight for God's loving intervention into lives who least expect it.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Praise God for showing that young couple that He is the way, the truth and the life.