Sunday, November 10, 2013


Church this morning was good as we honored our Veterans. It always amazes me how many of our church members are Veterans.
In last Sunday's post I talked about a happy young couple who had found the Lord and joined our church for Baptism. Today that same young couple are sitting in a hospital room with their 14 month old daughter who has been in the hospital since last Monday. She has a really high fever and high white cell count but all the virus test they have done are negative. She hasn't eaten in 5 days and continually pulls her feeding tube out.  Please pray for this sweet little angel,her name is Maci .
Everyone made it to lunch except #2 son who is in South Carolina helping a friend do some work on his house and Aaron who is in the soy bean field.
We had baked ham, corn, mashed potatoes,green beans, candied sweet potatoes.
After everyone left hubbie and I did some winterizing chores to get ready for the "arctic blast" that is coming our way this week.
There was some snow in the forecast for our area but the weather wizards have changed their minds about that now, saying we will just be very cold, with lows around 20 and highs in the middle of the week struggling to make 40 degrees.
Hubbie cleaned out our chimneys today and all the stove pipes. He found no bird nest and  not too much creosote so that means we are doing good keeping our fires at the right temperatures.
I washed the two lawn chairs that I use alot to soak up my vitamin D in and hung them in the shed to stay dry during the winter.
We also gave the dogs their last drops of Frontline, hopefully the cold weather will help to chase all the fleas away. Funny how that stuff is supposed to work for 30 days but in the last week of that 30 day period I always see my dogs scratching !!!
G-son is getting to spend the night with his aunt T tonight and spend a fun day tomorrow with her since she doesn't have to work. I bet he is one excited little boy tonight !!!!
A much needed relaxing Sunday night for Hubbie and me will hopefully help heal some of our sore muscles.
Still praying for the people of the Philippines as the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan has left thousands dead with corpses hanging in trees and laying on sidewalks as well as buried in collapsed buildings.

They are still gathering information to tell is this was indeed the worst storm ever in any part of the world to make landfall.
The aide of food, water and supplies is having trouble getting into the affected areas due to the airport being blown away and all roads blocked with debris.
Thankful tonight for the many relief agencies like the Red Cross who are ready to step in anywhere in the world to aide the suffering and homeless.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I just said a prayer for little Maci and her parents. Hope the doctors can heal her quickly. I too am thankful for all the relief agencies and pray they can help these people in the Philippines recover. Blessings