Saturday, November 30, 2013


Up an hour earlier this morning to get to market before the crowds fill all the parking spaces close to the doors.
At 23 degrees I don't think many folks will be lining up to take buggy rides this early.
We got everything carried in and set up before any customers showed up. I got all my Christmas decorations up without any interruptions.
I was decked out in a crocheted skirt I made several years ago and everyone thought it was really beautiful. Even after market in Ingles a lady came up to me and commented on how pretty my skirt was and asked if I had made it.
Daughter bought me this hat to wear. It was supposed to be a hat and scarf combination but it was too hot to keep it around my neck inside.
We spelled out N O E L with the letters she cut out of the old books.
We had a nice crowd all day as they came to par-take the free refreshments.
This trio sang Christmas carols all day and they were impressively good.
And of course the free carriage rides were a huge drawing card.
G-son got to come out with his dad for a carriage ride after the temps warmed up a bit.Aunt T joined them.

He will have something else to ask Santa for this year !!!!
This tooth has been loose for a couple weeks and he pulled it himself last night.
He had fun on the ride and ate lots of the free cookies and cheese while he was here.
It was good for him and dad to get out together and have some fun.
I call this next photo "mini me"   hahahaha !!!
After market daughter and I went to Harris Teeter and Aldi together to do our shopping. I had to buy the supplies for the large order of caramel cakes for next week and I needed her to help lift the heavy boxes full of sugars, butter and eggs.
I came home and hubbie and I unloaded and found a place for all the supplies. I still need to go to Walmart for the 10 bags of dark brown sugar.
It was time for chores by the time we got things put away.
It has been a nice sunny but cool day with high only of 42.   All the animals look like they would really like some warm temperatures for a day or two.
Hubbie has spent the afternoon cutting more of the downed trees up for firewood. #1 son helped him get the Wild Cherry finished that fell in the pasture a while ago.
Last week the motor cycles brought toys for the under priviledged kids this Christmas so today it was the farmers turn to ride their tractors to town hauling toys.

Way to go guys and gals !!!!  Love the generous hearts in this county !!!
Daughter came by and hooked our new TV up. The picture isn't so good as we still don't have an HD box from Direct TV but at least you can see all the picture on the screen.
#1 son came by to get a Gold Sacagawea Dollar coin I had to put under g-son's pillow from the tooth fairy tonight. Someone at school told him that was what they got so of course that's what he is expecting !!
Luckily sometimes folks pay for things with these gold dollars from time to time and I happened to have this one laying on my desk.
This is unbelievably the last day of November 2013 !!  This month has flew by just like most of the rest seem to these days.  With a colder than usual month but a drier one it has been a calm weather month except for the snow storm this past Wednesday morning that was like a mini blizzard when the winds whipped the snow around.
For my family it has been a fairly routine month with the exception of #2 son finally found his new dream home. Thankfully just up the road from us.
Daughter finished up a winning volleyball season with a loss in the 2nd round of the state play-offs and started her basketball season.
#1 son has spent several mornings and evenings in the woods hunting but has yet to shoot anything.
He and d-in-love continue to paint and work on their new house to make it "theirs".
Market has been steadily busy for me most days and in spite of a couple of sore muscles and achy knees I still am managing to keep up with my two little loves, g-son and little Evy.
The power company has moved all their lines over for the new bridge construction to begin. I have a feeling things are going to look really different around here in a little while.
Hubbie lost one of his aunts, his mom's sister, Christine fought a long tough battle with heart disease .
All in all it has been a good month and we are all prayerfully grateful for God's grace toward our entire family.
Thankful tonight for another month filled with the love of my Heavenly Father and so, so thankful for His sending His own Son to save us all from our sins.
Good Night and God Bless.

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