Saturday, November 23, 2013


Even though it felt like a spring morning this morning I knew better than to go without taking a coat to market today.
It is in the 50's at 9:30 but the air already has a nip that you can feel. The cold front is coming through later today.
Market was pretty good today and I took a couple more orders for Tuesday. Hubbie is taking Tuesday off work to help me with all the orders I have.
Hubbie left market to go by Sam's Club to pick up some things for us and then come home and get the 20 pound turkey in the oven. Tonight is his side of the family's Thanksgiving dinner get together.
Sis-in-law is cooking a ham so I am doing the turkey. All the younger ladies did alot of the other things so it wasn't so much on her and I.
I stopped by Sav-Mor and Aldi on the way home for baking supplies for Tuesday and was thankful I had brought my coat with me.
I made a 7-layer salad and some deviled eggs to go with the turkey when I got home. Aaron came by with a big box of Pink Lady apples, guess I will be making applesauce soon.
The sunset this evening as the front blows through was really amazing.

After chores hubbie and I headed over to the "Mustang" restaurant where we meet for our dinner each year. Sis-in-law's niece runs the restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch everyday so it's nice to be able to use it for our dinner since this side of the family has gotten so big.
I left my camera in the van so there aren't any pics this year,darn it !!!
There was a lot of fellowship and good food,everyone made it but #2 son who was working and I made him a plate. The Post Office has their busiest time this time of the year.
Hubbie and I stopped by Walmart on our way home to pick up some things for tomorrow's lunch.
The weather had definitely changed from the nice warm morning, tonight it is already in the mid 30's at 9:00 and the wind is whipping around at 25mph and higher dropping the chill factor into the single digits.
Today was a cold day for the annual Henderson County toy run. A large group of motorcyclist all with toys on their cycles braved the cold temps and wind to drive  from Fletcher Park to the Court House in downtown to drop the toys off. These will be given out at Christmas time to the needy children of the county who would not otherwise get anything under the tree on Christmas morning.

Tonight I am very grateful for the generousity of folks like these who make a difference in so many lives.
Good Night and God Bless.

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