Tuesday, November 26, 2013


My phone alarm went off before 6am telling me that there would be a 2-hour delay of school this morning. I went back to sleep only to be awaken a short time later by a call from #1 son who had had to work all night with the DOT checking for ice on the roads,tell me that he would take g-son to school this morning.
Hubbie took today off to help me with my busy market day so we got ready to go. It is really a messy morning with pouring rain and temps about 34 degrees.
We made it to market a little late but no one else was there and no customers had ventured out on the roads yet.
As we got pretty busy about mid morning I was thankful that folks got out in the messy weather. I was actually surprised be the amount of traffic we had today. Thank you Lord and thank you for not sending that ice our way.
The rain poured steadily all day. Hubbie left just after lunch to make a stop at Sam's Club then home to see how high the water was.
When I left market I made one stop at Walgreens to pick up some prints I ordered and then stopped by school to pick up g-son.
As I sat in the car line watching it rain I thought about how used to this we were this past summer but since we haven't had any rain in quite a while it just seems so nasty now.
#2 son called and asked if I would take some papers by the bank for him so I brought g-son home,unloaded my cake racks from the van and headed back out in the mess to the bank.
It didn't take long as the lady that he was working with was waiting on me.
Back home I watched the creek rise out the front windows and figured we would surely have a flood but then the rain slacked off some.
#1 son picked up g-son to take him to get a haircut so I went out in the lighter rain to do the evening chores. Aaron brought a bale of hay to the cattle and horse and put them all in the upper pasture.
I emptied 3.5 inches  from the rain gauge on my back inside and it is still raining.  We have officially set a new record around here for the rainiest year ever.  I am very thankful that all this water was rain and not the ice and snow that was predicted !!!
Daughter's team has a home basketball game tonight so although we missed her JV game we went out to watch the varsity. D-in-love and g-son joined us after their haircuts while #1 son had another all nighter at the DOT.
This is a picture from the local paper of my cousin who is one of the top players on the team this year. If you look at the blurred lady in the dark green sweater at the top, that is me cheering her on.
And this shooter has her hand over hubbie's face with me talking to d-in-love, and g-son is beside her.

They unfortunately lost the game but played really hard against a very physical team. The coach of the opposing team and daughter used to play AAU basketball together.
Our area went from a winter storm warning to a flood warning in one day as the rains are still falling.
And tomorrow it looks like snow for our area. It would be pretty cool to have a "white Thanksgiving" that would definitely be one for the record books !!
As I let the dogs out for their before bedtime run the temperature is 43 degrees, the warmest it has been in a couple days, snow????
Thankful tonight for the chance to support my kids in all that they do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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