Thursday, November 28, 2013


HAPPY THANKSGIVING   from our family to yours !!!

My day has been nice as I got to sleep in as long as I wanted for one day. As cold as it was this morning at 18 degrees the animals didn't mind staying in the warm houses a little longer.
I cooked sweet potato casserole, glazed carrots,green beans, corn casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy and dressing to go with the smoked turkey that d-in-love's dad did for us at his restaurant.
#1 son drove down and picked it up before they left for Tennessee to visit d-in-love's grandparents.
They will have to eat left-overs tomorrow.
With Aaron and Rebekah also visiting family out of state hubbie and I had our Thanksgiving lunch with #2 son and daughter.  We all ate too much !!!
Hubbie and I decided years ago that we would fix Thanksgiving lunch even if it was just the two of us,it's just our tradition.
After spending the afternoon trying to work off some of my lunch I took down and put away all the fall decorations. I had them all boxed up and when hubbie came in from working in his shop he helped put the boxes in the attic.
Daughter brought some old discarded books in and hubbie helped her cut letters out of them on his band saw. I thought they looked really cute, she is going to sell them at market.

#2 son came back for his supper of left-overs before he headed to Asheville to do some Christmas shopping at the early sales. Daughter and a friend headed over to Target to shop their sales. They picked up a new Dyson vacuum I wanted and daughter also got one for herself, at $259 down from $399 I thought it was a good deal. I am using the old Riccar I used to use at church and the sucking power isn't as strong as it needs to be with it's age and all the use it has had.
After sifting through all the sale papers today I only found the vacuum and some bras at Belks that I would like to have. At $12.99 down from $32 each the bras were a good deal and I only wear a certain one so this was a good enough deal to inspire me to brave the crowds.
I figured there wouldn't be many folks at Belks but I was wrong. If hubbie hadn't been with me and said we're here at least lets go in, I would have turned around and come home. The parking lot at the mall was overfull and spilling into a nearby bank. There were only 2 stores in the entire mall open tonight, Belks and Pennys so I figured if all these folks were in these 2 stores they must be crazy crowded !!
And I was right !!!!  However I did make it back to lingerie and found myself practically alone in this department. I went through the cabinet where my style bras were and picked out all the ones in my size, only 6 of them. So I bought all of them for the price of 2 at regular price.  I also found a pair of really nice boots in my size that were $19 marked down from $70.  Now the craziness started !!! I needed to pay for my deals !!!  The lines were crazy long at every register. We stood in line for an hour.  Glad I didn't have anywhere else to go !!
I guess it wasn't so bad but I am still in disbelief at how many people were in these 2 stores !!!
Daughter and her friend had the same experience at Target and finally made it back here about 11:00.
#2 son only went to Dick's Sporting Goods but he was already back home when we were on our way home. He said he got in and out pretty quickly as they were very well organized for check-out crowds.
#1 son brought g-son in about 11:00 to spend the night with us so we all won't have to get up so early in the morning. #1 son is going hunting early and d-in-love has to work.
G-son came in the door and headed for the bedroom, he was tired from his day of travel. They left about 11:30 this morning to make the four hour trip to her grand parents, ate, then drove back.
Today has been a really nice sunny low 40' s temperature day but tonight it is going back down around 20.  I perfect day for a relaxing Thanksgiving.
I am very thankful tonight for the traveling mercies from God for the traveling part of the family and for all the delicious food provided by God's love for us.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

You are a lot braver than I am . I won't even go near a store around Thanksgiving. Happy to hear everyone made it home safely. Blessings