Monday, December 26, 2016


Have you ever been both surprised and thankful that you were waking up and it was already morning??
That's how I felt this morning as I realized I had slept all night after going to bed last night with a very queasy stomach and expecting to be bitten by the stomach bug the grands have had during the night.
After I got the chores done and had my oatmeal breakfast I felt a little better and hubbie and I decided to make an after Christmas shopping trip. He needs some clothes deals as he is already thinking ahead to his retirement days later this year and since he has always wore work uniforms he doesn't have many everyday work clothes.  After the first stop and the prices being still the same as before Christmas and I started feeling really crappy again we came home.
I took a break on the couch with a heating pad on my achy hips and back for a little while. Hubbie went up to his shed to work on some firewood and then help #1 son work on his vehicle.
I decided I wasn't sick enough to spend the entire day on the couch so I gathered the weekly laundry and got that done between taking rest breaks.
I was chilling so I built a fire in the downstairs wood stove and kept it going all day. That tells you how I was feeling as it is in the mid 50's outside but it has misted rain all day for a very dreary day but not a very cold day!!!
Even Pumpkin (aka Tom Tom) didn't get out of his chair all day into the nastiness.
No wonder I can't seem to get over my sickness with all this unseasonably warm weather just harboring all the germs.
I did manage a trip outside to get the evening chores done this evening in a heavier rainy mist.
I need to get the last of the decade pics on here for December 2006. We had a little baby boy that year who was having his first sweet Christmas.
It had been many years of boring adult Christmases until g-son came along and livened things up.

He wasn't into much this year at a little over 2 months old !!
The rocking horse from hubbie and I that he would later really love.
Our tree with a "Santa" Bernie  .....
Daughter, hubbie and #2 son opening gifts.
Father and son ......
Hard to believe 10 years have already passed since these pics.
Thankful for the blessing of God on this day and praying for a peaceful resolutions for Aa and Re.
God Bless and Good Night

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