Thursday, December 22, 2016


Up and off to market this morning for the last market day before Christmas, some of the vendors wanter to sell on Saturday, Christmas Eve but not me. Hubbie had to take the day off to help haul all the orders to the market. One lady ordered 15 caramel cakes for gifts so that coupled with all the other 1 and 2 cake orders I ended up with over 30 cakes in boxes.
Daughter met us there with her baked goods and helped sell through the busy morning.

 When customers slowed she and hubbie went out to Boyds Chevrolet and got a new Chevy Equinox for her to drive overnight to see if she like it.
 She came back to market and helped while hubbie made a trip to Sam's Club and then home to put one of the kids Christmas presents together.
We sold very good today and only had a few cakes left.
We walked up town to do our yearly walk along main street.The weather was perfect this year.

The only purchases we made were in Mast General store and I bought stocking stuffer  candies .
She bought a couple gifts and then we headed back down the street to the ice skating rink they have put up to raise money. Josh had the kids from the Boys and Girls club there skating.
They even had a fake snow blower but you have to look really close to see any of the flakes in the bright sunshine.

Their hour ran out and we also left to head home.
Hubbie was waiting to help me unload then I did chores and hit the couch for a restful evening. This is a great way to spend the evening with a lighted Christmas tree, my 4-legged kids and a cup of hot tea, mmmmmmmm, Heaven !!!!!
While I enjoyed my evening poor g-daughter was not enjoying this day as she has the dreaded stomach bug that g-son had last weekend. He didn't get too sick but it is really working on poor g-daughter.  Bless her little heart !!!
Thankful for a wonderful blessing filled day and praying that g-daughter get better quickly and get back to her bubbly rowdy self !!
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas

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