Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Another strange feeling morning without g-daughter coming in at 7am. 
After chores and breakfast I got the last load of weekly laundry started and then went to work on some Christmas projects.
I took cake order calls all morning for Thursday leaving me already with 32 cakes ordered .
After lunch I went out to Ingles to get more baking supplies and some "on sale" groceries.
I got back home put things away and then worked on my projects until choretime.
It has been a cold day only getting into the lower 40's but very sunny. Tonight is going to be another low 20's night to officially end the Fall season .
The only bright spot about tomorrow being the first day of winter is that now the daylight will get longer each day instead of shorter !!!
After chores and a light supper we watched the news and then I baked 18 caramel cakes tonight to get a start on a busy baking day tomorrow.
Tonight is a good time to continue with the decade December pics.
30 years ago  Christmas was really an exciting time at our house. With three young kids, 5, 3 , and  20 months old  they were just the right age for an awesome Christmas.
Hubbie borrowed a Santa suit that year to surprise them , but from their reaction they must have not been very good that year when he appeared at the door. 

Hubbie and I both left the house telling the kids that we were going out and my mom was going to stay with them while we were gone. She was getting over a recent cateract surgery with her dark glasses !!!
They finally warmed up enough to each get a cane of candy from old St Nick !!!
Christmas pictures were not fun that year as daughter was not having anybody taking her picture but me. I finally told this photographer to just take the picture and I've been glad I did ever since as this pic has been a fun memory for all of us !!
She didn't mind posing for me at home .

On Christmas eve we went over to hubbie's parents to have Christmas with his brother's family.
These three amigos look they were happy with their gifts.
My niece is all smiles also.
Daughter got a shopping cart.
We came home put the kids to bed and played Santa !!!
Hubbie straightens the angel topper on the tree.
The loot !!!!
The surprised sleepy heads !!!!

Play time !!!!
Bye ????
At lunch we went up on Sugarloaf mountain to have Christmas lunch with hubbie's grandmother and the cousins.
My three kids with cousin Chrystal .
Three cousins, my 2 and cousin Bobby.
Granny's place with our K-5 blue and white blazer .
There was always so much food !!!!
Back home for a short rest and then up to my mom's house for Christmas day supper.
Daughter with my mother who was known as "granny on the hill".
Hubbie .......
Looks like a great Christmas .
The only other news for that month in 1986 was the death of the doctor that delivered me and was our family doctor until he retired, I have fond memories of old doc Bailey .
Feeling humbly grateful tonight for the blessings of the life I have had and for the greatest gift ever given as God sent His Son to save all mankind from our sins.
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas

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linda m said...

Very cute pictures. My father pulled the same stunt on us when we were kids. Scared us right into bed. Haha. Blessings