Sunday, December 25, 2016


 MERRY   CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!

Well for some reason I woke earlier today than usual but with such a beautiful day it was good to get an early start.
After chores and breakfast hubbie and I had a leisurely Christmas morning and got ready to go to church. My last Christmas outfit of the year !!!!

I like when Christmas day falls on Sunday and going to church for a short service, it is always very special.
We stopped back by #1 son's house to check out the "Santa loot" and an excited g-son had to show us every little thing, he was really excited for a 10 year old. D-in-love sent these pics from  earlier.

G-daughter isn't feeling well again today and had a rough night last night with little sleep but she was still smiling today.

 Hubbie and I came home for a lunch of leftovers and then put the house back in order before relaxing for the afternoon. I'm sure the weather has set a new record with 2 consecutive 60+ Christmas days at least according to the 65 degrees on our thermometer.
I love, love , love my gifts from the kids last night. They are all so thoughtful and "me" !!!!
I spent some time this afternoon finding prominent places for all these beautiful things. This "Farmers Prayer" I have always cherished and for years had a paper copy stuck to my desk. Now I have it on the wall in my sunroom !

This snowman bird feeder already has a special place on the front porch so I can watch the birds at it.
These rooster and chickens spatulas are too pretty to use but will be a part of my usual decor in the kitchen when Christmas is put away and the napkin holder will be used on the sunroom table and for our outside parties with the nice weight it has to keep the napkins from blowing away.
A wedding day memory book is awesome and will always be a cherished memory .
This information book is one of the most  interesting books I have ever seen and I already found some canning recipes that I am anxious to try this next summer season.
This family tree book I can get filled out to leave for a nice history for future generations.
And last but not least is this gift card that probably will help me get some after Christmas shopping deals tomorrow !!!
Hubbie and I did chores and fed the cattle across the road a roll of hay. I had to laugh at hubbie's new idea when it didn't work. We have been having a hard time rolling the hay rolls out so hubbie found a little battery operated saw and thought he could saw down into the hayroll and peel off sections. Which sounded okay to me but when he turned it on and it wouldn't even cut the strings off the outside of the roll he gave up that idea !!!
It feels strange to be outside on Christmas day in our shirt sleeves without even a jacket. But with a temperature of 65 and full sunshine its feels more like early summer than winter !!!
After we got back inside I spent the rest of the evening in the warm afterglow of this Christmas season. I took these pics of some of my decorations all lit up last night.

 I can't believe these little battery operated Dollar Store trees in the sunroom windows still work fine after a year of storage.
I am always sad to see Christmas over and all the beautiful decorations being taken down and put away for another year. I am going to enjoy mine another week anyway as this week should be a lot less hectic and I should get to have some quiet down time with my lighted decorations.
I spent this evening basking in the warm afterglow of this Christmas day and wishing for all my family and friends the same wonderful memories that this wonderful time of year always brings me.
Thankful for a blessed Christmas day and for the greatest Gift ever given !!
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas

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