Thursday, December 15, 2016


BRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!  The cold and wind has arrived as I broke a thick layer of ice in hopes that the animals would get a quick drink before it all re-froze.
G-daughter is here this morning and hubbie took the day off to help with her and Curb Market.
We took turns getting things ready for market and then got g-daughter ready for play school.
I dropped her off and then hubbie met me at market to carry all my cakes inside. This is the temperature in my Honda as I arrived at market about 9:30. It is 29 degrees and feels like 8 degrees with the wind.

I got set up in an empty cold market and waited on customers. Hubbie took his truck to get an inspection and then got our lunch before he went to pick up g-daughter. I had a decent sales day but only because of the orders I had thankfully.
G-daughter had a good lunch of hot dog pieces and french fries then one of the vendors gave her an apple. She loves apples and has become really good at eating them.

She loves walking around market and looking at all the new things !!!

There is always Christmas music playing on the intercom and she loves to dance on tables !!!!

When we loaded up a bit early as the cold really set in when the timer cut the heaters off about 30 minutes before closing time this is what the temp in the Honda was.
She was fast asleep before I got out of the market parking lot. I went through the bank drive thru and only had a stop at Aldi to make. G-daughter woke up and went in with me but went right back to sleep as soon as we got back to the car.
She slept through unloading and hay feeding chores when we got home. Hubbie tried to carry the carseat inside without waking her but she woke up .
She acted like she felt a lot better after her long nap.
It is now in the lower 20's as we finish up chores. Aa and Re's recently adopted cat spends more time at our house than theirs so we fixed him a warm place to sleep tonight and shut him in. I don't like him going back and forth across this road so we are going to try to get him to stay over here. Ha!!  wish us luck trying to get a recently neutered tom cat to stay put !!!
The sun goes down so fast on these evenings leaving the horizon to appear to be on fire !!

Tonight was spent in catch up mode for me as I finished the decade pics and caught up on my blog book reading plus downloaded some pictures .
My week of early mornings has caught up with me tonight and I also feel like I am catching another head cold so I am headed to bed early to try and catch up some sleep.
Thankful for the blessings of the day and for the grace of a wonderful Savior.
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas

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