Friday, December 2, 2016


Uhhhhh another coughing fit night leaves me feeling a little shaky again this morning. At least I can move at a slower pace getting things done this morning.
After chores and breakfast I felt better once again. I have come to the conclusion that my early morning ailments are because of all the drainage that occurs when I lay down and seems to stick in my throat . I don't cough much at all during the day.
While hubbie and I put out rolls of hay for the cattle I look up through the trees this morning it is evident that winter has arrived with all the bare branches stretching toward the sun for the fleeting warmth of the sun on most days now.

Back inside I baked cakes, 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, 1 coconut for some orders I have for tomorrow. The Christmas parade is tomorrow downtown so we will have more folks coming through than normal but sometimes they buy and sometimes they don't.
I had lunch then finished decking my halls as I got the sunroom decorated and got all the trees up and decorated.
The kitchen tree.....

The apple and snowflake sunroom trees........

When hubbie came home from work we loaded up all the empty plastic storage bins and put them back in the storage shed.
We did the chores and then rested while we watched the news.
Thankful for traveling mercies for Aa's family as they made it back home this evening after spending time in Ohio with Re's family for the last week and a half. Hubbie and I have cared for all their animals while they have been gone. Everything has been fine except their dog ,Casey who has obviously missed them so much. She lays at the gate of their driveway and watches each car that goes by hoping it is turning onto the drive.
Re said she was really happy when they finally turned into the driveway tonight.
The sunset tonight was really pretty on a now winter feeling evening.

Hubbie added building a fire in the downstairs wood stove to his tasks for the evening and by the way the forecast looks this will be a routine daily task for quite a while. The warmer than normal December earlier predictions have fallen by the wayside with a huge dip in the jet stream that is allowing very cold air to penetrate farther and farther south.

I spent the evening icing cakes and getting things ready for market. It will be another early alarm morning so we can get into town before the roads are all detoured around the parade route and before the parade goers fill the parking spots at market.
God is good all the time and I humbly thank Him for giving us his wonderful Son as our Savior from all our sins.
God Bless and Good Night

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