Tuesday, December 13, 2016


G-daughter had other ideas rather than going back to sleep this morning so she had breakfast while I got dressed and then we headed out to her little play school for the morning. As she ran up and down the hall peeking into all the other classrooms the director of the school told me g-daughter will be moving up into the toddler class after Christmas. She will have more fun in there as there are many more things to play on than  in the baby room where she is now.
I came home and did the chores, had breakfast and did some housecleaning. It seems the morning hours fly by when I am hurrying around trying to get things done before picking her up at noon.
The pick up is really trying on some days and today was one of those days . Finally after circling the church block twice I found a place on the other side of the street from the still over crowded parking lot where cars were trying to pick up the older kids and walked across the street to get her.
She slept all the way home and I carried her inside in her car seat and she slept while I ate lunch.
After she woke up and had her lunch she was in a great mood for the afternoon. I laughed at her as she jabbered to this old lady doll and held her hand. I would give anything to know what she was trying to say !!!!

And she said "all she wants for Christmas is a comfortable reclining chair to watch TV from" !!!!!!!!

Her car seat was sitting up on the bench in the living room and she dragged it off the bench and over to this spot and got in it.   She sat here for an unbelievable amount of time just watching Sesame Street.
She got tired and took almost an hour nap in bed this afternoon about 3:00.
She has found a new favorite snack. The tangerines we bought yesterday she loves !!!!!!!
After her mom took her home I did chores in the misting rainy 40 degree cold evening.
We got inside just before darkness fell once again tonight.
I spent the evening resting .
Daughter's teams both won their games tonight against East Henderson high school .
The "D" winter storm was named today as Decima roared onto the west coast with promises of significant snowfall all across the northern states as it moves east.

Thankful for the blessings of this day and for my health and strength that God blesses me with each day.
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas

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linda m said...

I would have given a fortune to know what my son was saying when he was that age. He was a real "talker" but I couldn't understand his gibberish. Very inventive of g-daughter to use her car seat. Blessings
Praying for Re, Aa and the family.