Monday, December 5, 2016


Monday morning again ?????  
This is how I have been feeling lately after each week just seems to fly by .
G-daughter was hear a little after 7am today and hubbie brought her back to bed to see if she would go back to sleep but she wasn't having that today so after about 30 minutes of just laying there wide eyed he got up to fix her breakfast while I did chores. There was 3/10ths inch of rain in the gauge this morning from the overnight rainfall.
The clouds are still hanging around this morning creating some foggy driving conditions.
G-daughter was enjoying the singing Christmas toys once again this morning.

I had breakfast and then we made an animal feed pick up trip to Southern States so g-daughter could get her morning nap in while she rode in the truck.
When we got back she was awake and ready for lunch. I started the weekly laundry and then the three of us went outside. I cut open all the pumpkins I have collected for their "chicken worming" seeds and scraped out all the seeds into freezer bags to save for next spring. I also put some in the chicken lots in case some of the hens missed them a couple weeks ago.
While I worked these two explored !!!
She finally wore those little short legs out and was ready for a nap. Hubbie decided to take one with her and they slept for an hour. I finished my pumpkin seed collecting and did more laundry.
When she woke up I had to laugh at her "bed head" hair. It is getting so long in the back but is slow growing on top !!!
 Miss Sassy pants !!!!!!!!!!!!

After d-in-love picked her up hubbie and I spent the evening getting all the chores done in a light rain. It was dark when we finally got back in the house and we were soaked. But I'm not complaining !! Don't think I will ever complain about rain again !!!!
As I sit here tonight I have several very stiff and sore spots after taking a fall this morning when I gathered some Kale leaves from the garden to give the Quail and hooked my foot on the low fence that surrounds the garden. I fell fast and hard on my back and with such force the back of my head slammed into the ground giving me quite a headache for a little while. The fingers on my right hand are swollen and sore and my lower abdomen is sore from the jarring fall. And of course my left knee which is the foot I hooked is swollen and very painful tonight. As long as I kept moving today nothing seemed to really be hurt but tonight when I sat down the sore spots have certainly come to life.
Asking for prayers tonight for Re's family as they are dealing with a very heart wrenching situation and can use all the prayers they can get that God intervene in the situation and work things out and also I pray that God wrap His loving comforting arms around each family member .
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas

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linda m said...

I said a prayer for Re's family. Merry Christmas to you. Hope you are feeling better today.