Friday, December 9, 2016


BRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!   Yes it is cold this morning !!!!!!!
The 21 degrees and 15mph wind this morning is making it a good morning to stay inside.
Hubbie is still feeling bad and decided to stay home and stay inside all he can today out of the wind to see if it will help him get his voice back.
G-daughter arrived at 7am and she and him came back to bed for at least another 30 minutes of sleep.
I am feeling worn out also today and we both talked about maybe we should both go to the doctor but decided to wait it out until Monday.
I braved the cold to do the chores which took longer this morning as all the water was frozen.
I spent the rest of the morning baking cakes, 12 caramel, 2 chocolate, 1 coconut, 2 pound and 4 wine cakes.
G-daughter provided entertainment all morning !!!!!

She is really a joy !!!
After we all had lunch and the temperature warmed to a balmy 34 degrees with the wind dying down we ventured out.
First we dropped off a heated dog bed for sis-in-law Sandy to use with the old dog she is keeping up.
Then we were off to the Henderson county co-op so I could get some Elderberry extract to see if that will help me fight this cough and tiredness off. I took this back in August and it seemed to help me get over that bought with hand , foot and mouth virus.
I also got some throat lozenges they said were very good for stopping coughs.
G-daughter was fast asleep so hubbie just stayed in the car with her.
We also made a stop at Ingles for some baking supplies for a last minute order.
We started chores early by feeding hay to the cattle while she still napped in the Honda. Of course she knew something was going on without her so she woke up and had to be a part of the action.

Her dad picked her up and headed home to snuggled down for another cold night.
I baked 3 more wine cakes and then iced all the layer cakes . I finished getting ready for market after midnight for another late night and my legs and feet told me that I had spent almost the entire day on them !!!
Daughter called tonight and said she had missed work today from being so sick. She thought she might have had another stomach virus but it may have just been pregnancy sickness also. She was feeling better tonight. Josh took a pic of her being cared for by their fur-babies !!!

Asking for prayers tonight for Aa and Re as they face a difficult next few days.
Thankful for the blessings I received today and very grateful for the grace of our Savior Jesus Christ.
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas.

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