Friday, December 30, 2016


Up to check on Sadie first thing this morning. Found her fast asleep in the crate so we decided we wouldn't disturb her.
Hubbie is off work today and helped with the morning chores. We had breakfast and as we sat at the table we heard Sadie bark letting us know she was awake and wanted out of the crate..
She was acting better and even drank some water, I put a leash on her to make sure she didn't take off like she did last night. She walked around the yard for a few minutes and then we put her in Annie's lot as the sun was shining in there and I knew it would warm Sadie up quickly with her black fur.
She layed around in there all morning and soaked up the sunshine.
Today is cold in the upper 30's for high temps but the warm sunshine makes it feel good . Last night just before midnight we had snow flurries for the first flakes of the season .

Hubbie went to cut some firewood from a fallen Oak tree and I baked cakes . I baked 3 caramel, 2 chocolate, 1 coconut, 2 pound cakes and finishing before lunch time.
Hubbie picked up d-in-love's left over Pedialyte from last week when g-daughter was sick and I squirted some from a syringe into Sadie's mouth a couple times this afternoon to help give her some energy and hydration.
She urinated so I know she is drinking water thankfully. Most of the damage we can see is to her mouth and nose so if she can hold on until the swelling goes down enough to breath through her nose and eat I think she will make it. Hubbie says if she makes it through another near death experience she will surely be a miracle dog.A couple years ago she got poisoned and didn't eat for days but slowly recovered from that.
After lunch I did some more un-decorating and hubbie helped me get the filled tubs back into the shed. Slowly Christmas is leaving with the month of December.
As this month and year comes to an end the top stories of our sleepy little town are as follows.
At #10- Plans for a new law enforcement training center on 300 acres on Pinnacle mountain was shot down by commissioners in May but re-visited and approved in October.

#9-Mark Meadows was re-elected to Congress amid ethics complaints.

#8- Grocery store chain Publix was still fighting for floodplain permits for the new building that was supposed to be already started on property they bought south of town.

#7- A new modern Health Science building was constructed at Blue Ridge Community College.

#6-Wildfires and a 75 day drought with the Party Rock fire crossing into Henderson county as well as Rutherford and Buncombe counties burned 7200 acres before it was contained at the beginning of Dec.

#5- Tom Apodaca retired from 14 years of Senate service.

#4- Plans to turn the old Grey Hoisery Mill into a city Hotel ends a years long battle over what to do with this old mill on Grove street.

#3- A proposed $12 entrance fee to Dupont State Forest was shot down and grants were obtained for improvements to the trails.

#2- A property tax increased of 5 cents per $100 of evaluation was imposed to cover the cost of replacing aging school buildings and the new law enforcement training center.

#1 - The fight over how and what to do about Hendersonville High Schoo took the number one spot this year as alumni of the oldest school building in the county presented a plan to renovate the old school instead of building the new school the school board payed $300,000 to a architect to design.
After months of back and forth and no resolution the county commissioners employed a strong arm method of holding a new Edneyville elementary school building replacing a very unsafe and old elementary school building hostage. The commissioners threatened to table both school plans if the school board did not proceed with the new school building plans for the high school. They also said the high school must be built before the elementary school can be built ?????
Even as the year ends this is not completely settled.

Another pretty calm news year for our county and I am very glad that we have stories like these for top stories.
After chores this evening I walked Sadie around once again to help keep up her muscle strength while she recovers. In the crate tonight she is a little more agitated than last night but has eaten a little of the food I put in there for her which is a very good sign.  She hasn't barked any tonight like she does if she has to go to the bathroom or anything so hopefully when we settle down and the lights are off she will sleep the night through.
I have been craving sausage balls since Christmas so I made some tonight and that is what I had for supper.
I iced cakes and got things ready for market. It is going to be another cold low 20's night and morning so market will be cold tomorrow. Probably temperature and customer wise !!!!
Thankful for the blessing of this day and praying for Sadie that God's will will be done for her as she struggles in her old age to recover.
God Bless, Good Night and Happy New Year


linda m said...

A very Happy New Year to you and your family. May God continue to bless you in 2017.

Rita said...

A Benedryl will help with the swelling for your pup. The internet will tell you how much for size of dog. It isn't much. My dog a got a bee sting in her mouth and it really made a difference. Bless you dear friends. A Happy New Year is coming.