Wednesday, December 7, 2016


My extra sleep morning was not to be this morning as for some reason I woke wide awake around 7:30. As I lay there waiting and hoping for sleep to come back the phone rang and when I saw #2 son's name my heart sank. Each time I get a call from him or Aa I get the same feeling because they don't call often and each time they do I think something must be wrong.
And something was wrong this morning at least it wasn't anything to do with son today but rather it was about my nephew. All the mail carriers are having to go into work very early around 5:30 each morning to try to keep up with all the Amazon packages that are ordered this time of year. So sometimes delivering in the darkness of the morning can be hazardous. This morning the mail lady that took early morning packages to my nephew Aaron's house unfortunately had got bitten by Aaron's dog when she startled her. The dog named Bailey is very old and slow so the mail lady had called #2 son who she worked with since she noticed the last names were the same as she hated to called the sheriff dept. The bite wasn't that bad but she just wanted to be sure the dog was current on her rabies shot. Son called me for phone numbers for sis-in-law since my nephew was at work.
Unfortunately even after sis-in-law went down there and verified the rabies vaccinations were current the sheriff still had to be called. He was really nice but said the dog would still need to be put up for 10 days.
Sis-in-law called me to borrow our extra kennel so she could keep the dog at her house in it.
I got my day started with the regular routine of chores and breakfast then took a walk around the farm to admire the wintery scenery.
The garden is still supplying us with ample supplies of Kale greens and turnips.

The "view from here" is looking pretty forlorn now as the naked trees and brown grass are taking the opportunity to recharge during this dormant season.

I didn't walk long as not to aggravate my sore hip and knee into hurting again.
Back inside I baked 6 caramel , 2 wine cakes and 1 pound before having a late lunch.
Sis-in-law Sandy came over and brought some clothing racks to store in the barn and picked up the dog kennel about 4:00. After she left I did chores and finally got inside just as darkness fell. It is cloudy this evening and a light mist of rain fell for a little while but no measurable amount.
The "C" winter storm was named today as  Caly  covered the western states in large amounts of snowfall by evening.

I spent the chilly evening inside doing month ending and weekly paperwork before icing cakes and getting ready for market. The figures for November weren't too impressive but okay so for that I am thankful.
I got into bed right at midnight after this busy day.
Thankful for the strength God gives me each day and for the Reason for this Season.
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas.

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