Sunday, December 4, 2016


A good Nyquil induced night's sleep made me feel much better this morning as we woke to the sound of rain on the roof.
 I heard my phone ping with a text message from daughter giving the news I already knew but was hoping wasn't as bad as it turned out to be. Just as I got in to bed last night the scanner blared with fire dept. tones for several local fire depts. to go to the Grand Highlands Club House as it was on fire after the folks nearby woke to an explosion. As I listened to the firemen as they arrived on scene I knew it was probably a huge fire. I drifted off to sleep after my dose of Nyquil before I heard how bad it was. When I got the text I couldn't believe my eyes that this was all there was left of this beautiful building.

 As you remember this is where daughter and Josh got married last July.


Thank goodness it was raining last night and kept the fire from spreading to any nearby houses as embers landed as far as 200 yards away.
I can't believe I am talking about another fire today , this has been such a scary season for fires all around us. Thankfully no one was injured in this fire as the folks at the wedding that was being held there last night left around 11:00 and the fire was discovered about midnight. The cause of the fire is yet to be determined.
 It was a cold rain as I hurried through the chores this morning.
Folks in parts of WNC farther north of us woke to the first measurable snowfall of the season this morning.
This is the second Sunday of the Advent season and the youth director and his wife lit the Preparation candle this morning to begin our service.
After church we had lunch of BBQ and all the fixins with #1 son's family, Aa's family, #2 son, daughter and Josh all here with only Tif missing as she was working today.
We all had a nice catch up visit after lunch. I got out all the Christmas toys and put batteries in them so g-daughter could have her turn with them and she enjoyed dancing to the music they played. Of course it was under the direction of older brother !!!

 Everyone left except daughter and she and I were going back to church to a wedding shower being given for our neighbor's daughter who is getting married in January, Sara Bradley.
This is the happy couple.
It was very nice shower with lots of good food and fellowship.
Hubbie went home with #2 son to help him work on Tif's mail carrying jeep that he was changing the brakes on.
Daughter and I  came home around 4:00 and she went home to rest , hubbie came home shortly after. We rested and watched it rain lightly until chore time.
I poured 1 & 2/10ths inch of rain from the gauge this evening. This has been a merciful rain that has fallen slow and soaked into the desperately dry earth without any run-off.
After a light left over supper we spent the evening relaxing.
I am so grateful to God for the blessings He gives me and during this season when I am reminded of the greatest gift ever given to mankind I am humbled by the fact that He sent His Son to be born only so He could die to save us from our sins  !!
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas.

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linda m said...

So very happy to hear you finally got some much needed rain. It is so sad to hear about all the destruction in TN and NC from all the wildfires. I pray for these people every day. Blessings