Friday, December 23, 2016


Ahhhhh It was nice to sleep in a little this morning especially after getting woke up several times through the night with coughing fits.
After chores and breakfast hubbie and I headed to town to do some last minute shopping for groceries for our Christmas gathering.
And I wanted to find some cough syrup to take during the night if I wake up coughing. Last night in one particular bad coughing fit I got up and got a cough drop. I was concerned when I woke up later and the cough drop was still in my mouth not completely dissolved.
We made it home before lunch time.
G-daughter is feeling a little better today and is holding things down better as the day wears on.
While we were shopping Josh and daughter were at the car dealership trading her Acura for the Chevy Equinox she drove yesterday. It is a really nice SUV and she looks happy to be a Chevy owner !!!

After hubbie and I had lunch he went out to cut firewood and I cleaned house.
I happened to remember something I forgot to pick up this morning while we were out so I had to make another trip to the local mall. Traffic was backed up getting into town so I used all the back roads and it wasn't too bad getting there and back. Santa in the mall had a long line of last minute visitors as I passed by.
Back home with my last minute purchases I did more house cleaning and then relaxed a few minutes before choretime.
The  eastern sky was starting to cloud up with an approaching front that promises some rain.
Aa came by to bring some feed and while we talked the western sky lit up with a beautiful sunset.
We are expecting the weather to be unseasonably warm once again this year and maybe even to set a new record for two consecutive 60+ degree Christmas days.
This is the high temp of the last  11  Christmas days.

A lot of the country is going to be struggling with a major snow / ice  storm named Europa that is moving east but is expected to skirt north of our area just bringing rain chances next week.
It seems really strange on a Friday night not to be icing cakes but I am thankful to get to spend the time relaxing and getting ready for the celebration of our dear Savior's birth.
Thankful for the greatest gift ever given !!!
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas

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