Saturday, December 31, 2016

IT'S A GIRL !!!!!!!!

Up a little earlier this morning to give me more time to give Sadie some extra time before I leave for market. She is substantially better this morning and doesn't act near as sore around her mouth and nose as yesterday. She is trying to eat dog food from her dish now and did drink a lot of water on her walk this morning. It is still 29 degrees so we put her back in her crate in the warm basement until the temperature at least gets above freezing. She lost so much blood I don't want her to get chilled.
I made it to market about 10 minutes late but no one was there to notice, not even many sellers came out today.
Surprisingly I had a decent selling day and probably could have sold a couple more pound cakes if I had made them. I still have a couple layer cakes left over but not much.
The manager asked if anyone wanted to stay open an extra day during the week this winter. The market used to stay open on Tuesdays and Saturdays during the slow winter months. A few years ago we decided to only stay open on Saturdays because traffic was so slow during the week. Some of the new members who weren't here then have proposed the idea to open an extra day this year. I don't know what the final decision was but we have advertised for several years and this year already that only Saturdays would be open so I don't think it is a god idea to change course on the last day of the year. I will be deciding what I will do as orders come in and with looking at the Thursday weather forecast each week . Sitting here looking around today on what is even a holiday Saturday and there are so very few customers I can't imagine there will be any traffic at all coming through on weekdays but only time will tell.
After market I headed straight home to get the chores done early and head over to daughter's house for her "gender reveal" party. They went to a place in Asheville that has super sensitive ultrasound equipment and found out what the baby is yesterday so she is revealing it tonight which will be fun. Everyone is bringing some finger food and we will have the reveal cake for dessert.
I am taking the sausage balls I made last night and am making some cocktail crockpot wieners to take also.
Hubbie and #1 son had already fed all the cattle hay before I got home so all we had to do was the dogs and chickens. I took Sadie on a long walk and left her in Annie's lot for about an hour in the warmest part of the afternoon.
I made her some dog food with some left over Turkey stock to juice it up and she has eaten two bowls of it this evening plus is drinking lots of water.
Poor thing she is still really shakey and slow moving .
We put her back in the crate in the warm basement before  we left for daughter and Josh's house.
When our two families get together we always enjoy each other so much.

 G-daughter had a good time re-arranging aunt T's decorations !!!
There was an abundance of food and everyone enjoyed it very much.
The Culinary teacher that teaches next door to daughter at the high school made the cake. It was beautiful and tasted very good also.
Josh's mom Connie and I, the grandmothers , cut into the cake together aaaaannnnndddd !!!   IT'S   A   GIRL  !!!!!!

Both daughter and Josh have said all along they felt it was a girl and they were right.
Even g-son said he thought it was a girl before the cake was cut tonight.
We had a nice visit and hubbie and I made it home about 9:30 . This is the latest we have been out on a New Year's Eve in many many years !!!!
We relaxed until bed time called us long before the midnight celebration !!!
So grateful tonight for the happiness God shows us as we celebrate another life together with family and get ready to begin another year filled with the joy, hope, love and peace only God can give.
God Bless, Good Night and Happy New Year.

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