Sunday, December 11, 2016

JOY !!!!

Up to another icy cold morning at 22 degrees and more ice breaking chores before church.
Today's service was given by the children of our church as they proclaimed the joys of the birth of our Savior.
D-in-love leads the pre-school choir, these 3year old thru k-5 group sang some songs to set the mood for the bigger kids.
G-son opted out of this program this year but as he sat beside me and watched all his friends up there preforming on stage I think he might have regretted his decision.
All the kids did a great job and all the glory goes to God for the hearts the kids performance touched.
The third candle of Advent, JOY,  was also lit this morning by our children's dept. director's family,.

Hubbie had to stay for his monthly Deacon's meeting so #1 son's family and I came home to have a pizza lunch. Hubbie had bought 2 large pizzas yesterday from Sam's Club and we had them with salad for lunch.
Hubbie and #1 son left to put out a roll of hay for Aa's cattle on the other side of the road , d-in-love took the kids home to put up Christmas decorations and I caught up my blog book reading.
When hubbie got back it was chore time as the cloudy sky brings darkness earlier.
We came inside and watched the news then watched the UNC /Tenn. basketball game which UNC won in the last minute by 2 points.
On the news tonight the forecasters are already warning of an interesting end to next week with another storm that is coming on shore on the west coast and heading this way. This is what next weekend might look like ????
A nice relaxing Sunday evening was really nice and hopefully will get us ready for another busy week coming up.
I feel so blessed tonight with the love and grace of a loving Lord surrounding our family in all that we do. As I watched the g-kids play today I silently said a thankful prayer that I am able to be involved with watching them grow up.
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas.

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linda m said...

I have always loved the children's programs at church. Blessings