Thursday, December 29, 2016


The last Thursday market day started out nice and sunny after an overnight rain left 3/10ths inch in the gauge.
I did chores and got ready to go at the regular time. Daughter brought some breads she baked over on her way to the gym this morning. They are hosting a Christmas tournament this week. She is having a laugh in this pic as she sits on the varsity girls bench.

 It is in the mid 50's already as I leave for market at 9:15 but with the wind picking up the temperature is supposed to drop throughout the day.
Market was as expected very slow today but I had  the order get picked up and did manage to sell a few things that I am very thankful for.
I noticed before I left this morning that the workers who are putting a couple dormers on the back of #1 son's house were already hard at work with a huge hole in the roof and making lots of noise hammering and sawing.

About mid morning d-in-love called to see if g-son could stay with me at market while she went to Asheville with g-daughter to visit some friends. Hoping g-daughter would sleep on the way because she couldn't sleep at home with all the noise.
G-son played games on his I-pod while I worked on a yearly re-cap post for my blog on my laptop.
We left market a little early as there were no customers in sight.
We ran the regular bank and post office errands then stopped at Aldi to get some baking supplies for tomorrow and some groceries. We also made a stop at Ingles to get more frozen coconut for another order and some fresh collards for Sunday's New Years lunch.  G-son tried out the self serve milkshake machine and this chocolate shake was pretty good for coming out of this machine !!!
A cold drink on a cold afternoon !!!!!
After our shopping we headed home and unfortunately as we came up the driveway slowly trying to avoid Annie and Sadie my welcoming committee of Aussies I heard a thud and when I looked in the rear view mirror I saw Sadie laying in the drive with Annie standing over her.
I stopped the car and when I got to her she was bleeding from her nose and mouth but was alertly looking around. G-son got upset as he thought she was dying but then she got up and walked around and the bleeding stopped.
I told him her mouth looked like his did when he fell on the cement at daughter's wedding last summer. He was still concerned for Sadie but felt better because she was walking around. I was puzzled at how she could have gotten hit and why there was no external injury signs at all and why all of a sudden the profuse bleeding just stopped ?????
We came to the house and unloaded and put things away. He ate his salad he made at Ingles deli bar and finished off his milkshake before his mom came after him.
G-daughter is getting more and more hair.
When hubbie got home we did the chores and #1 son came up and helped us put out a roll of hay across the road since we were running a little late.
G-son is surely excited about the prospects of having his own space upstairs when all this is finished.

Back home we put Sadie in her crate inside and she didn't look to good. She is a 17 year old dog and we have our doubts that she will be able to recover from this injury but only God knows the plan.
She was too jumpy to really check out to see what is wrong but blood is still seeping from her mouth even as she ran around this evening.

 We are under a wind advisory tonight and it surely is howling out there blowing things out from under the outside patio and front porch with 50 mph gusts.
Lots of WNC counties just to the north of our area are reporting snow tonight but so far none for us.
Thankful for the blessings of the day and praying that God not have poor Sadie suffer if she can't recover from the accident.
God Bless, Good Night and Happy New Year

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