Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Up with the alarm this morning after another pretty restless night of sleep due to a stuffy nose and coughing.
The dogs hear the alarm and there's no sleeping after that without hubbie here to get up with them so no extra zzz's today for me since hubbie went back to work today.
These rain droplets still clinging to the fence are evidence of the scant  1/10th inch of rain we got overnight.

I did chores and had breakfast then ran out to Walmart to pick up some baking supplies for tomorrow's baking list. I dread this time of year trying to figure out just how much to bake ???
I stopped in the Minic Clinic to let her listen to my congested chest but there was a really lot of folks already there that looked much sicker than me so I came home to try and just rest and see if that will help me get over this crap.
I put things away and rested until daughter finished her basketball practice then I met her at the mall to look over the after Christmas sales there. We only found things in Bath and Body in their semi annual sale. I always stock up for the year at this time from there. Usually I order online to keep from getting  a headache from all the smells but today the aromas were not strong and we got to finish our shopping.
I also snagged another photo frame stocking holder at 1/2 price for daughter's little babe that will be here for next Christmas.
The check out lines were long in all the stores so maybe the sales will be good this year.
I came home in time to get the chores done here just as hubbie came home from work and then we put out a roll of hay across the road.
It is nice to feed on these beautiful shirt sleeve, 65 degree days. But the seesaw temps are starting up again later in the week with even a little snow predicted.
We came back inside,had supper and it was back to the couch for me to rest again. Seems whatever this is I have really tires me out quickly when I start moving around.
This evening has brought a little of all kinds of weather with a sprinkle of rain and some sunshine.
 And a pretty sunset behind the storm clouds.
 As 2016 is quickly coming to an end I saw in one news post that it is being called the "year of the floods". It seems strange to us here in WNC that this is true because we have been in and are still in an extreme drought but maybe after looking at these floods it is better to be dry !!!!
Of course the #1  flood was the eastern North Carolina flooding in October caused by hurricane Matthew as he skirted up the east coast. More than 15 inches of rain fell on already saturated ground causing one of the worst floods on record and costing 28 lives in eastern NC.
#2 flood was in August when 30 inches of rain fell in Louisiana causing major flooding.
The #3 top weather extreme for 2016 was the drought in the eastern Tenn. and western NC mountains where wildfires burned  119,000 acres and many homes and businesses along with 14  lost lives.
In our area we went 75 days without a drop of rain causing things to dry out completely at the worst possible time of year when the dead leaves were falling from the trees in November.
#4 was early in the year in January when a blizzard hit the east coast and dropped 18-36 inches of snow with whipping winds and cold temps from Virginia to New England.
#5 occurred in June when 10 inches of rain fell in 12 hours in the mountains of West Virginia causing major evacuations and flooding.
#6 was again in Louisiana in March with 15-20 inches of rain causing major flooding.

#7 Was another historic flood in Houston Tx.with rains causing flood waters to quickly rise to 20 feet in places prompting many people as well as animal rescues.
#8 Was when a 11 year hurricane drought was broken for Florida with Hurricane Hermine.

#9 happened in Ellicot City Md. when 6 inches of rain in 2 hours sent a torrent of flood waters through the city with such force it stacked automobiles .
Last but not least at #10 was a hail storm in Texas pouring softball size hailstones down in April breaking out windows and causing serious injuries.
There sure has been a lot of moisture falling from the sky this year and it seems the weather is getting filled with more extreme events which is scary.
Christ maybe coming back sooner than later with all these changes going on and I feel ready for His coming do you ???
God Bless, Good Night and Happy New Year.

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