Sunday, December 18, 2016


A morning that the weather seems to be trying to make up its mind exactly what it wants to do today.
I did chores and got ready for church . I love dressing in all my red Christmas attire this time of year.
Church was good today, we had our choir Christmas music program today and it was really good as they sang and played all the old Christmas songs. They were finishing up practice when we arrived.
The church quickly filled up to hear their presentation.
Our associate pastor , Craig Stepp and his wife Ranea lit the "Love" advent candle today to start the program.
We came home to have a lunch of roast beef ,potato salad, green beans, corn and corn bread made from a Christmas gift mix I received last week. It was really good and spicy. #1 son's family and #2 son made it to lunch today.
After we ate everyone left and hubbie and I relaxed for a rainy afternoon. It really hasn't rained much just a miserable drizzle and windy all afternoon.
We did chores and then settled in for the evening . Talked to Aa this evening he is on his way home for the week . Things have taken a downward turn in Ohio and we are just praying that God works it all out as He sees fit and gives all involved the strength to accept His will.
God Bless , Good Night and Merry Christmas

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linda m said...

You look so festive in you "red attire". Praying for Aa and Re that things work out for them and they can all accept God's will. Blessings