Saturday, December 24, 2016


Merry Christmas Eve to everyone.
Today doesn't feel like a typical Christmas eve with temperatures already reaching into the 50's early. After chores and breakfast hubbie and I decided we needed to make our annual Christmas eve looking around for last minute bargains trip to town.
We found a couple nice 50% off gifts to complete our lists and headed home before lunch time.
After lunch we cleaned house and fed the cattle and horse a roll of hay.
I wrapped all the presents and now the tree does look like a Christmas tree should !!!
 D-in-love made a last minute visit to Santa with the kids and they weren't feeling it today !!!  Ha , even Santa looks like he is miserable ????

About 3:30 I put the ham in the oven then did chores early so I could spend the rest of the afternoon cooking. Daughter and Josh came over early to help and I was very glad they did as I wouldn't have gotten finished in time for the candlelight service without her.The table was set and ready with my anniversary roses as a nice centerpiece.

Our most favorite church service of the year is the candlelight service we hold at our church. It begins at 6:00 and only last an hour but it so meaningful and sweet each year.
The Christ candle was lit by our interim Pastor David Horton and his wife this year to complete the advent season candles.

G-daughter was feeling back to old self tonight thankfully.
The church was packed by the time the candles were lit.
 The last song is always sung outside weather permitting and tonight was a perfect night. As the entire congregation held their candles high and proclaimed "JOY to the World" to end the service .

We all headed here for our family Christmas get together and all the food turned out very good and everyone had a great time. Especially these two as they were at times just vibrating with excitement.

All the family got many nice gifts and had a wonderful visit.

Hubbie and I got g-son a new bigger bicycle for our trail rides and a large sock monkey to keep him company.
And we gave g-daughter her first automobile which she liked much better than I thought she would !
We got family pics made tonight and I hope this can become a annual tradition to keep up with our growing family.
Daughter and son-in-love Josh.
#2 son and soon to be #2 d-in-love Tif.
Brother and sister rivalry even with the age difference !!!!

In all the excitement of the evening we still missed Aa's family very much and are continuing to pray for resolutions for each one of them in the coming days.
After all the food was put away and all the kids were gone to their homes to await Santa's visit and the tree went back to it's original "no presents" under me state I sighed my normal sigh of sadness, gladness and thankfulness once again as Christmas passes.
On this night long ago the birth of our Savior certainly changed things forever and all for the good.
As we lay our heads down tonight we aren't youthfully awaiting the arrival of the jolly old man in red but we await the wondrous return of our Lord as he promised long long ago after He was born of a virgin on this historic night and later gave His life so that mankind could have an everlasting grace of rededicating our lives and turning away from our sinful ways in His name for a chance of Heavenly Redemption. For this I am reassured as I close my eyes that this night did and can change everything.
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas.

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