Saturday, December 17, 2016


UHHHHH !!!!!!  That Saturday morning alarm sounded way too early today. I must have slept on my right hand again last night as it is hurting and numb again today.
I did chores and got ready for market in a misty warm morning. Not really knowing what to expect of the weather today I decided to wear these rain/snow boots for the first time. They make my legs really look like chicken legs,haha .

 As I drove to market and looked down at the temperature I had to think "what a difference a few hours make" This time yesterday it was 30 degrees colder than this mornings 53 degrees.
Market was really slow for the Saturday before Christmas but I did take several more orders for next Thursday.
I made one stop at Aldi on the way home in the still misty warm afternoon.
When I got home hubbie helped me unload and get things put away then we started right in on all our chores. These dark clouds are really ominous looking !!
We finished chores just in time to get dressed and out to our annual church's Deacon's Supper. It was held at Bay Breeze restaurant in town this year due to the place we usually have it shutting down.
They had the room all decorated nicely and Santa even paid us a visit to help sing happy birthday to a couple of the ladies.

The food was very good and everyone had a lovely time of visiting.
We made it home around 9:00 in a full out rain now. It is still 54 degrees at 10:45 !!
I blogged while hubbie relaxed . I talked to daughter who had to make a trip to Cherokee to make up a basketball game that was postponed from earlier in the season. Her JV team won but the varsity lost pretty badly.
To continue December decade pics I found these taken at Christmas time back in 1956. This is me and my favorite aunt Hattie Holmes , mom's sister.
Me and my oldest brother with my mother.
And this is my cousin Barry Moore and although this pic didn't have a date it was with the other pics for this December .
Thankful for the gift of the Savior that was sent to save a sinful world.
Asking for special prayers for Aa and Re in the aftermath of Re's sister's death earlier this month as they face new challenges.
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas

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