Thursday, August 18, 2011


Early chore time and hurry off to market. I am the lone ranger this morning as daughter had to go back to work today as school starts next week.
A neighbor's son helped me unload and get everything carried in.
I had a very busy day which surprised me as this is usually the time of year when we slow down. Not today and I am thankful. I did have time later in the day to crochet tops on 4 towels.
One of the young girls loves to take pictures.

Finished products !

After market as I loaded the van it began to sprinkle rain and there were some dark clouds back toward my house.
As I ran my regular in town errands and picked up supplies and groceries I noticed the skies lighten back up almost as quickly as they had darkened.
I did remember to look for some waterproof hiking boots to walk in.
Settled on these Coremic Ridge Columbia boots. They felt the most comfortable with my orthotic insoles in them.
The true test will be in the morning during my walk !
Hubbie was here when I got home as he had gotten off work early today because the floor to their shop was painted.
We unloaded and put things away and then he picked green beans from the garden to go with some corn a neighbor gave me at market and we had fried okra and tomatoes also for another summer supper.
If I could have fresh vegetables from my garden year round I could be a vegetarian !
After we ate I dawned a breathing mask and headed up to clean out my hen houses.
It started a light rain shower just as I finished and I made it to the front porch before it got a little heavier. Hubbie came out and we watched the rain come and go quickly. Just a little dust settler and it was gone !!
We came inside and I started baking cakes. I baked 36 layers ,2 pound and 4 wine cakes.
I am trying a new wine cake idea tonight. Everyone has been asking for a peach wine cake like I used to make and I haven't been able to find peach wine anywhere. So have you ever heard of Boonesfarm Fuzzy Navel ??
Yeah, I haven't thought about this drink since my wild teenage days. I remember that this does not taste good regurgitated,and that's all I'll say about that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That memory stuck with me so much so I had no desire to taste this tonight to see how peachy it tasted.
However the cake looks beautiful and smells heavenly and this stuff is only $3 a bottle.I am readjusting my schedule again now that Hubbie has gone back to work on Fridays.
I will be working at church alone tomorrow, but I need to ice caramel cakes before I do that so it may be an interesting day.
The temperature is 66 degrees at 11:30 tonight and that little bit of rain sure made things soupy feeling out there tonight.

I am ever in awe of our awesome God and His grace for each of His children
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

It's hard to believe that summer is ending soon--and school is beginning... Where did the summer go?????

We still haven't gotten a drop of rain... We're getting desperate here....

That peach wine cake looks wonderful. Hope it tastes as good as it looks.

Glad you had a good day at the market.

Lisa in Bammer said...

Arbor Mist also makes a peach wine that a local lady here uses in her peach cakes. Don't suppose you'd share your recipe, would you? I can't bribe her to give me hers.

Rita said...

Your last post that I can find was written August 18th. Today is the 29th. Needless to say I look for your posts daily and I'm wondering if all is ok for you. Maybe this storm knocked out your power. Just so you know I really love your blog and miss you when you are not here for a while. Will be praying that all is ok in your area.