Saturday, August 6, 2011


Market was busy again today ,there was a crowd up until about noon when the heat got pretty bad and only us sellers were left to contend with it for a couple more hours.
Daughter stayed all day and she sold out of her things by noon but I still had a few to go.
After leaving market she went to a dog sitting job and I stopped at Ingles on the way to pick up a few groceries and drove through hard rain all the way until about 1 mile before my house and guess what ? It is still not our turn for rain as we only got a short shower and then sunshine. I looked at the thermometer in my van and it said 87, I had to chuckle thinking whew how nice that temperature felt !!!
#1 son and d-in-love brought g-son by shortly after I got home so they could go to a friends wedding tonight.
Daughter came by and we loaded up some shelves and chairs she had bought for her house and took them over and put them in her garage. The neighbors had put a congratulations balloon on the porch rail.
She went back to her pet sitting job and we came home to relax with g-son awhile.

In August of 1961 as well as all August my oldest brother became a year older.
Here are me with both my brothers on the oldest one's 5th birthday,look at that smile !!
I don't really remember these times but looking at the background in these old pictures sure stirs up memories. Looking at that old refrigerator behind us makes me think of the time my dad carried a long lizard into the kitchen in the cuff of his pants leg and it ran under that frig. What a frenzy that caused.
I also remember the old plastic kitchen curtains mom always kept on the windows.

Tonight I feel like I have had a busy week for sure and it has caught up with me as I am yawning at 10:00 and looking forward to crawling into bed and sleeping without worrying about all I have to do tomorrow for a change.

This weeks forecast at least is missing those numbers that begin with 9 for a change.Hopefully we will get our turn with those rain percentages. I'll leave that decision to God as I'm confident He knows best.
G-son wanted to spend the night but because of his stomach upset problems he is still having we decided to wait as a little girl at church started with the diarrhea and then quickly got really sick. Hopefully his is just drainage from his sinus.
He went home around 11:00 and hubbie and I went straight to bed.
Thanking God for a wonderful day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hope it is a little cooler this next week. We were at Biltmore on Fri. morning --and left about noon since it was already about 87 degrees. We then went up to Mt. Mitchell State Park --and the temperature up there was a wonderful 64 degrees.. I could live there!!!!! ha