Monday, August 15, 2011


G-son was here early this morning as both mom and dad went to work early. When I got up he and Hubbie were having a sleep over in the living room,Hubbie on the couch, several stuffed animals all around the living room covered in blankets and g-son in the recliner. I think no one was actually sleeping !!
After chores in the really nice 65 degree morning I had company on my walk.

Of course there was stick gathering.

I was hoping we would run across the terapin I have seen several times but he must have known we were looking for him today so he stayed hidden.
I tripped on a root and fell on my knees and now have a very sore knee.
Hubbie said I had better always carry my phone with me so I can call for help.
Back at the house I gleaned the garden for vegetables,hoping the recent rains had revived some of the withering plants.

The cucumbers are still bearing,just not as many as before, acorn and spaghetti squash are getting ripe.
I picked cayenne peppers and hung them to dry.Added a couple red jalopenos to the mix.
Hubbie picked tomatoes and green beans for this weeks fresh veggie meals.

This pear tree is bending low under the weight of quickly ripening pears.My Fig tree is loaded this year and I'm trying to keep Spectracide spread beneath the limbs so the ants don't beat me to the fruit.Had some fresh figs from a friend from Georgia the other day and they were so good ,I can't wait for mine to ripen.
G-son was contently playing on his swing and riding his bike around the patio while we worked.
When I finished in the garden and headed inside to start baking he came in with me and hubbie went to work cutting brush and weeds.
I baked 36 layers before lunch.
Hubbie is now off on Mondays again and I'm glad. It seems we get a lot more done on Monday than we do when he has Friday off since that is the day I have to work at church.
Daughter still hasn't heard anything about the progress of the address change snafoo on
her house. She came by and played with g-son awhile this afternoon before going to another pet sitting job.
D-in-love picked up g-son around 3 today and we had a time finding his shorts . He is hiding his clothes now and he had forgotten where he hid his shorts today. We finally found them stuffed down in one of his Pawpaw's work boots.
After they left I had to run to Ingles to pick up some supplies for a church dinner tomorrow for the family of another lady in our church that passed away.
This is a really cool evening , it has felt like fall all day,even with the sunshine the temps didn't get out of the upper 70's. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Feels so good after the long hot summer we've been through. Alas I have the feeling the heat will return !!
I baked 10 more layers tonight and 2 pound cakes. It is only 10:30 and I'm finished baking for a change.
As I type this and look at the outside thermometer it says it is already 66 degrees outside,headed supposedly for the 50's tonight. I'm opening the windows and enjoying this while it last for sure !!
#1 son got a good report from his doctor today,although he is not totally cleared for 2 more weeks he is doing remarkably well. I'm holding my breath but dare I say maybe this almost 15 month ordeal may be over?????This photo taken June 20,2010.

Thankful to God for the blessings He sends my way everyday.
Good Night and God Bless


NCmountainwoman said...

Now this is the weather we are supposed to have had all summer! I'm so glad your son continues his good recovery. What a nightmare he has endured.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Yes---we love this cooler weather. However, we do need some rain... (always something!!! ha)

Glad your son is doing well and sorry that your daughter hasn't closed on her house yet... Gads!

Be careful outside --and don't fall. And yes, carry your phone with you!!!

Looks like you have lots of fruits and veggies... Yum..