Monday, August 8, 2011


Another hot morning already as I headed out to begin my daily walks again.
Annie loves the cool water in the creek,she says "just pick me up on your way back around mama" I'll be right here !!
After a couple rounds we headed back to the house and I got busy baking 36 layers for caramel cakes.
Finished at lunch time and after a salad for lunch I took this basket of tomatoes.
We're not sure if these are supposed to be this size or if the dry weather has stunted them. But they are the perfect size to mix with this bowl of okra.
To make some delicious soup starter for the winter pantry.
I had to get my pressure canner back down for these as the okra needs to be pressured for 30 minutes at 10 lbs of pressure.
My canner only holds 9 pints so I had 3 pint freezer containers as well as these 9 pints.
I just had to try one of the freezer containers for supper, cutting up a left over chicken breast and a couple potatoes in it for supper,yummmyyyy!!!!!!
After the canning was done I sat outside for a while and watched the clouds build all around.
When the wind got really strong I headed inside and watched as the rain started and we got our 1/4 inch allowance for the day which we are very thankful for.
Thankful indeed that we still have power as about 8000 in the county do not after the strong winds blew trees down on power lines.

Our only damage was all the furniture and plants blew out of the outdoor patio.
And all the dried up leaves blew out of the trees.Looks like fall under this tree already.
As we picked up our furniture and thanked God for nothing any worse with the wind as hard as it was we noticed the temperature drop significantly, all the way from 94 before the rain to 72 afterward.
They are predicting more storms for tomorrow as the temperature gets back to mid 90's.
Update on daughter's house closing.... looks like it's not going to happen Tuesday as planned again. The address issue where the selling realtor added an s to the road name which everyone thought was settled suddenly reared its ugly head again. It appears as though the USDA is looking desperately for a reason not to go through with the loan now. With all this flap about the country's credit rate being lowered and the downward plunge in the stock market I don't doubt they are scrambling. Before all this happened they said it was okay for the lawyer to sign off on it and now all of a sudden that's not okay.
I am beginning to believe now that it may not happen even after all the things she has done to get to where she is, this is now out of her hands completely. She is at a pet sitting job so I've only talked to her on the phone about it so I can't tell how she is taking it but I know I'm aggravated and it isn't even happening to me.

Tonight I finished baking 16 more layers as well as 4 pound cakes and 2 wine cakes.
It is almost midnight as I finish this and head for bed.
Thankful to God for sparing us the brunt of this evening's storm and for the blessings of fresh produce and the ability to preserve some for the months ahead.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow--you all did get some stormy weather. We haven't had a drop of rain since last Wed. until tonight.. We finally got a trace of rain tonight --but that was it... The storms seems to just miss us!!!! It's still very hot here... I'm ready for some Fall weather!!!

Sorry about your daughter's home. I hope she gets it --but at this rate, who knows? Bless her heart--I know she is frustrated.

Take care.

Julie Harward said...

We had a storm go through here like that (see my previous post) the weather is crazy but I think we are finally getting summer this week!
I heard several times tonight on the news that this is a great time to buy with the interest rates now so low. Just wondering, why do you make so many cakes? ;D

Gail said...

Double glad, rain and cooler temps with small damage!

Maybe there is some reason this house for your daughter is not falling into will happen when it's time.

Wonderful produce is always a delight to have.