Saturday, August 27, 2011


As we got ready to go to market this morning the winds were beginning to blow from hurricane Irene as she makes land fall on the coast.
Market was kind of slow today but I still had a pretty good day.
After market I came straight home because I didn't feel well again,but after we got unloaded and I had something to eat I was okay.
Hubbie and I napped some this afternoon as the wind is really whipping around outside.
The sun is shining and it is 85 degrees but it is still uncomfortable out there in the wind.
About midnight last night it rained about 1/10 th of an inch. I guess a little is better than none.
We decided to put some potatoes in to bake and go to Ingles to get some steaks to grill for us and #2 son who has worked a 6 day week. We bought Angus rib-eyes , they were a little tough but tasted good.
After supper I watered all my potted plants ,then moved a mama hen and her 5 babies to a bigger house.
I have another red silkie hen wanting to set but unless I find some special eggs to put under her she'll have a dry run also.
I haven't neglected my decade photo project, I just haven't found any August pictures for 1971,81 0r 91,or 2001 . Maybe in September there was more stuff going on !!
I am sitting here tonight still listening to the wind howl outside. This is a very slow moving hurricane.
8 people have lost their lives due to the storm so far just in our state.Sadly an 11 year old boy lost his life as this tree blew down on his apartment.

This is the preferred mode of travel in many places tonight.

I hope these folks evacuated !!

These were some of the first scenes in North Carolina this evening just before dark,I'm sure there will be worse tomorrow when the skies finally clear.
And the damage is only going to intensify as this monster storm moves up the coast ravaging the more populated cities who haven't seen a storm like this for almost 30 years.
Prayers go out to these folks.
Looking forward to a blessed Sunday church service.
Good Night and God Bless.


Rob said...

I hope you all survive without to much damage both to yourselves and your property. Nature is both a beautiful yet savage beast.

Gail said...

God be with them!

Stay safe.